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Parks of The Isle of Wight

What is would you say was a super and great pastime for both adults and children alike? Immediately holiday time together comes to mind as it is the most favourite and lovely pastime for any family to enjoy on an annual basis. We all love having wonderful times with our dear ones and close friends. The grown-ups can have a drink and relax while the children enjoy the many days away from school, having a super and nice time with friends and not just sitting in front of computer and playing electronic games, but walking and cycling, jumping around and generally having fun.

Where can you find such a nice place to relax and rest? Well may I suggest you try the beautiful and green Isle of Wight. There is a great spirit on the Island brining enjoyment and service to its visitors is one of the main thrusts of the many tourism businesses. As well as this the traveler will notice immediately that the pace of life changes as soon as you cross the Solent and set foot onto the Island, it’s a magical place of beauty with the most splendid scenery. I would like to provide you with some information on a few of the main attractions and parks on the IOW. Your children will find that there are many things to do and see within them.

One of the popular attractions on the IOW is Dinosaur Isle- an Interactive dinosaur museum.


This park is located in Sandown. It is a really nice and stunning area, where you can see and play with Interactive displays, large fossil collections, alongside is an extensive gift shop, this is an all weather attractions and is open all the year round. You can have a walk into past and then back to future, contemplating the history and development of the civilization of dinosaurs that lived 120 million years ago. There is also a great collection of all kinds of dinosaurs fossilized remains.


Their sizes will surprise you as they are their natural size which means BIG! Do not be scared as they are just skeletons, but very, very long ago a world of dinosaurs ruled the Isle of Wight.

The next attraction and park is Robin Hill Country Park.


Set in picturesque country side, it is an ideal place for children’s parties and the playing of games. There are five new woodland gardens to rest in and explore so something for the whole family. Here you have a great opportunity to see and take pictures of the rare red squirrel. This is great fun for the kids as squirrel spotting can take many hours of hunting to find the right picture,. It is a real fun for kids!

The thirds alternative is Fort Victoria to the West of the Wight, situated on the north side of the Solent. Here you can see the following attractions, the Marine Aquarium, and Archaeology Exhibition, Planetarium and Model Railway. Again I t is an opportunity to combine leisure time with super educational themes. It is a very good place to view vintage boats and ships in action as the views across the narrow straits between the Island and the mainland is narrow and very busy. After having a super walk you can have lunch at Verdi’s Cafe.

Here are just some parks and attraction options found on the Isle of Wight. However, there is a great amount of Isle of Wight attractions. Choose whatever you want and have a great day out! IOW Tourism welcomes you!


You Can be Proud of Your Past… as Peacekeepers!

Do you know that on the 27th of June we are going to celebrate a great holiday? The first Armed Forces Day is to held on 27th of June, 2009 here on the Isle of Wight in Ryde. What does this really mean to you and what can you give it? It is a great chance and opportunity for such a great country as Great Britain to stand up as a nation and demonstrate full support for our people in uniform. It is a wonderful occasion to be proud of the Armed Forces of our Community.

armed_forces_day As it is a Saturday you can spend a splendid day on the Isle of Wight enjoying this superb event. Many people are involved into this super holiday and occasion: from the communities, businesses, local authorities to government institutions. The ceremony itself begins at 10.30.

Thanks to the Historic Portsmouth Dockyard, you can discover more about the Navy, Army and RAF. It is a very good possibility to meet members of the local societies and widen your knowledge about historical aspect of the Armed Forces. Thus you can have a total and full picture of the Armed Forces as it was, is and will be in the future. Also you can be involved in the process of celebrating this really exciting day.

Why not enjoy the full twelve- hour programme beginning at the North Walk and Appley Park in Ryde, including the Veterans Parade. This is organised and managed by the Committee of representatives from The Royal British Legion, Lord-Lieutenant’s Office, Isle of Wight Council, Ryde Town Council, the Police and Territorial Army.

What kind music will satisfy your requirements for this super day? Well there are going to performances from Cowes Royal British Legion Band, Wight Diamonds Marching Band, Vectis Corps of Drums and Trident Concert Band, so something for everyone.

One more event which is worth exploring, a great collection of military vehicles is going to be on display during the all day celebration. Also public is entertained with the show from 165 Regiment Territorial Army, Ryde Inshore Rescue and RAF. The culmination and peak of the day will be fireworks in Apply Park.

Finally, I would like to add that it is a real chance to connect to the past, present and future, and express the respect they all deserve, as they provide the peaceful skies above our heads and that is worth saluting.


Amazon World Zoo Park

amazon_world_zooAmazon World Zoo Park is welcoming its visitors! It is one of the most unique parks in the United Kingdom or even in Europe. It is one of the Isle of Wight’s biggest attractions as well as having a superb collection of exotic and rare animals. It has been the honourable winner of the Top Attraction award. There is a wide range of various gorgeous, weird and wonderful and extraordinary animal species.
Visiting Amazon World Zoo Park is a great opportunity for you to be nearer to wild nature and so explore its beauty. Let us take a virtual tour to some of the animal’s groups.

primatesPrimates are our first point of call. They say that people came from monkeys and apes. It is not really true or is it? Some similarity in monkey and people behaviours can be tracked. The difference is that almost all monkeys have tails and this tail plays a good role for them as it is used as the monkey’s fifth limb. It is its tail that allows the monkey to clamber and equilibrate among trees and branches. What do you feel when you think of a rodent? Well you must know that a great part of all mammals are rodents. But you know that nature is the cycle and animals are divided into predatory and herbivorous. Fortunately for the whole natural cycle and unfortunately for the rodents they are consumed as food by the other animals groups.

The Capybara is considered the biggest rodent among all the species of this very group. It resembles a guinea pig and usually inhabits river banks in Central and South America. The Capybara feels fully safe and comfortable whether in or out of the water. They are very good swimmers due to their webbed feet. That is why they run away and escape very fast just having a sensation of peril so as not to be involved in unpleasant circumstances and eaten by an animal. The rapid streaming river is not an obstacle for capybaras as they overcome it easily. I think it works as survival instinct which can do a lot.

Amazon World Zoo Park can be proud of the very exceptional kind of Porcupine you have a possibility to see the Prehensile-tailed Tree Porcupine. Its barbed and rough spine is a sort of defence from the predatory. If you look more attentively you can see a tail. This physically powerful and supple tail is a useful tool for climbing and seeking for food. Have you ever met a Kinkajou? If your answer is no then you must see this extraordinary mammal at Amazon World Zoo Park. Do you know that Kinkajou is an arboreal fruit-eating mammal widespread in Central and South America? The Kinkajou belongs to the Raccoon family and has a nice as well as long prehensile tail. The second name for this funny animal is the “honey beer” due to the fact that he smashes beehives and is known for robbing all the honey.

Parrots are always fun not only for children but also for adults. These brightly coloured birds with very strong and noisy voices always attract tourists. Also parrots have a very nice and peculiar feature. They imitate human voices. That is why many people want to have them at home as their pets. Once, some time ago I saw some penguins. They are so cute animals. By the way, be careful with them as they are very sensitive and they have their very own exclusive characters. Enjoy watching how they play and swim.

The Isle of Wight is full of attractions and one of these is Amazon World Zoo Park. It is extremely nice place where animals get the right food and care. It is a chance for people to see wonderful nature.


Isle of Wight

There are very few lovely, quiet and tranquil places in Europe. One such place can be found across a small stretch of water to the south of the England called the Solent, after taking a 20 minute boat ride you will arrive at the tranquil destination. The Isle of Wight plunges you into a mystery of surrounding natural beauty. The extraordinary flora and fauna provides you with such a magnetic environment where you can feel your spirit and free your mind from the everyday hustle and bustle. The island has many places of interest to visit and contemplate. The islanders are very proud of the island’s rich history. Every place and every stone  seems to remember its past whether it is a glorious memorial or just a simple stepping stone. Queen Victoria for example had her summer residence at Osborne, giving the Island a special Royal significance and many interesting anecdotes.

Wight About is your on line Live Diary, here you can get to know all about the forthcoming events like the annual regatta in Cowes and the Old Gaffas at Freshwater. You are welcome to explore the information about the whole cultural life of the IOW. Wight About can provide you with all the exciting sport and musical festivals like that of the Wight International Jazz Festival, Rock Music Festival, and Bestival. Visitors are encouraged to express their opinions and leave their comments.

isle_of_wightThe Isle of Wight is great as seaside resort destination. Tourism is one of the largest industries locally.  Online communication gives you an opportunity to keep abreast of all news and share your views on this or that topic. For example, if you want to have a nice summer vacation on the island, this is where you can ask about the leading hotels and read other people’s opinion. Or perhaps you would like to find out about a walking tour around the Island, we endeavour to find out what walks are catered for, how past people rate them and what is recommended. We are always available to distribute ideas and impressions.

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