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Difference Between a Guest House And a B & B

There are many excellent options of accommodation types available on the Isle of Wight. This impressive choice caters for all tastes, demands and budgets. What is the difference between a guest house and a B & B? Well, usually the guest houses are bigger; consequently they provide accommodation in addition to just a bedroom such as a lounge and perhaps a communal bar. Also guest houses are often able to offer more services and comfortable facilities than their smaller B & B ones competitors.

For instance, B & B include only breakfast while guest houses can supply evening dinners and frequently have as already suggested a licensed bar. Usually like any other type of accommodation guest houses are charged with a local star system rating from one to five. The gradation scale is based upon quality of service and hospitality, the level of cleanness, the excellence of supplied meals and whether or not an en-suite bathroom is available.

St. Leonards for example is a typical Guest House situated in the charming and scenic area of Shanklin town. This family run accommodation welcomes you to their business and will make you feel comfortable as if you were at home. Christina and David invite you to enjoy your British holiday in this picturesque surroundings and friendly atmosphere. You have will have a wonderful opportunity to combine many relaxing pastimes with an excellent Guest House service. Last year St Leonards was awarded 4 stars by the Visit Britain team. The Island is an ideal place for cyclists and walkers to enjoy relaxing experience during their days out and about. There are about many hundreds of miles of magnificent walks around the Island and if you are a passionate golf player, you can check the visitors play days on one of the seven major Golf Courses on the Island.

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While looking around for suitable accommodation may we recommend another super short stay Isle of Wight Guest House for a nice short of long holiday. The Winterbourne Country House in Bonchurch, this 5 stars Guest House is a residence of wonderful special charm and beauty. The splendid location is next to my favourite Isle of Wight location of Ventnor and is distinguished by its tranquility and magnificence. You will get a very warm welcome and be inspired by its charming gardens. This famous house has seen the likes of guests such as Charles Dickens. May be you will feel his spirit or inspiration and write another masterpiece like David Copperfield.

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Winterbourne is a non- smoking house, so you if are a non smoker you will have a great time if not we suggest you may need a packet of nicorettes or give up its well worth it. At the Winterbourne House you will find en-suite, direct dial telephone, colour TV and available beverages. Why not sit and have a nice cup of tea on the terrace overlooking the sea and the old church at Bonchurch.

Whatever Isle of Wight accommodation you select, remember to take a camera with you, as you will have plenty wonderful things you will capture while holidaying on the Island. Travel Isle of Wight and have fun!


A Day Out- Donkey Sanctuary

There so many articles written about the Isle of Wight. Even those holiday- makers that had never stepped this island can feel like that they made a trip to this island by reading any of them published items. But there is always another story to tell, today I will draw your attention to wonderful story of the Islands own donkey sanctuary.

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The donkey sanctuary is situated between Shanklin and Ventnor, on the road to Wroxall. The history of the sanctuary is as follows, set up in 1987, the main motive of its establishment was to help and support donkeys that were either left over`s from the days when they were being used as beach attractions or as an unwanted child`s seasonal present.

These nice and cute animals need people`s assistance. They are so lovely and defenseless. In some cases they are suffering and in distress. I think that every human being`s mission on this Earth is to help animals if they possibly can.

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What are the reasons for these donkeys ending up in the sanctuary? There are various causes as already described why donkeys find their way into the sanctuary. Often a donkey suffers from a malady or disease and will need professional treatment, this is not cheap and if they have not been insured may well just end up being neglected by their owners. Eventually the owners throw in the towel and either call the RSPCA or the sanctuary direct to see if they can help. This and many other reasons are why these donkeys end up entering the sanctuary. In the sanctuary they can find care, feed, warmth and love and they have never turned away a donkey in need.

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Often people say that donkeys are stupid a bit and stubborn. I can say that it is completely the wrong view. Those people who do not know these nice animals and who find them obnoxious express opinions like this.

A male donkey is called jack and female one is a jenny and in reality donkeys are very sensitive and gentle animals. They are very good natured creatures that are prepared to work very hard given the right encouragement. They love visitors and children and like very much to interact with the public, if the public are nice to them. In bygone years the donkey evolution and progress meant that they have lived with people and worked with them as companions for centuries, often they were very badly treated but still remained friendly to people. The sanctuary donkeys obviously have no great workloads and spend most of their days frolicking and pandering to the public` s attention. It is a great fun for the whole family, especially for children. Together they will have a good time and pleasant interactive communications often take place.

If you are pet lover, then you will have wonderful pastime in the donkey sanctuary. Here the animals live, breed and grow in beautiful natural surroundings. Here you will have an opportunity to communicate with these nice animals as well as enjoy picturesque scenery. I can say that one or two hours out with donkeys provide you with as unforgettable holiday experience. It is well worth taking time out to visit the donkeys! Choose a wonderful day with sunny weather and enjoy a day out with donkeys. Your children will be grateful to you for such a wonderful surprise. If you want to spend your weekend near the donkey sanctuary, you can rent a suitable Isle of Wight accommodation in Shanklin or Ventnor.

By the way, you can buy Christmas Cards with donkeys on. Making your small contribution to the donkeys assists the overall continuation of the sanctuary and the card will remain as a nice memory about your trip. Support these animals of inquisitive nature and gentle spirit!


Cross The Solent And Visit Shanklin

Have you ever been to the Isle of Wight? This splendid Island of natural beauty is situated off the south coast of the United Kingdom and is one of the largest islands of the British Isles being twenty miles wide by eleven miles. If you are on the Island and transverse to the south-east of the IOW, you come across the nice old village of Shanklin. Shanklin`s unique charm attracts visitors year after year.


This old village is famous for its lovely thatched cottages restaurants, and pubs as well as many tourist shops selling trinkets and Island novelties of all kinds. What does the name of this village mean? The word Shanklin is of Saxon origin which means a deep and narrow valley. It has a long, sandy beach which is great for sunbathing, and one of its attractions is its fine gardens, including the extra special Shanklin Chine, this is a beautiful ravine down to the sea, filled with rare plants and a wonderful waterfall as well as a lot of interesting flora and fauna.

The pretty Rylstone Gardens also provides another super option, particularly on long, hot summer days.


You can walk around the Visitor’s Centre where you can find some super information on heritage of the IOW. You can also visit the memorial to the Royal Marine Commandoes and take a nice cup of tea in the Tea Rooms or a stroll around the gift shop. If you are curious to visit something extraordinary, take time out to examine the tiny holes in the facade of the cliff face as you walk around and down to the sea shore. You will be very much surprised to know that these holes are the homes of wasps. So, be careful not to get bitten by them. Shanklin`s long esplanade is served by road trains that take you back up to your hotel, from the play arenas, and places to eat and drink which are found along the promenade.


The town itself has a good choice of restaurant, cafes and pubs, and is also home to an annual regatta and excellent carnival processions. Many Ice cream parlors are on hand, and in the heat of the summer afternoon Shanklin is the perfect place to pass the time. All in all with its old village, range of curio shops and the sun drenched beaches Shanklin is a dream place to vacation. In the evening, kick of the shoes and watch the sunset from the Steamer Inn. Welcome to a magical world of natural beauty found in and around Shanklin.

Suitable accommodation on the Isle of Wight for one person, a couple or a whole family can be found on many of the online Island portals, providing you with the all necessary information about the IOW Tourism, IOW Attractions etc.

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An Exciting National Bike Week on The Isle of Wight

There are now only a few days before the unsought for the real summer weather to start. Everybody feels nice and expectant, looking forward to the warm and pleasant atmosphere of the coming season. It is great time to have fun, to go on picnics, to meet friends, visit the most gorgeous places on our planet…Summer is a good chance to get absorbed in all aspects of our super surrounding natural countryside so why not delve into and try out some of the sporting activities that can bring you in close concert nature. Adrenalin driven healthy lifestyle makes your life brighter and provides you with a sense of satisfaction.

Isle of Wight announces the National Bike Week. This is a great time to fun for all of your family to see Isle of Wight. The event takes place from 13th to the 21st of June, 2009. The Isle of Wight is a wonderful place and worth visiting for a cycling break.

Isle of Wight county council along with the local tourism authority has created many cycle ways throughout the Island. To start you off there is a flat cycle path tracking from the no longer used railway station in Cowes and stretches all the way into the centre town of Newport. Her you can rest for while as many nice picnic places from Newport to Sandown are available. From here onto Sandown viewing the wild natural beauty of the IOW, observing the rare wild plants and local species or even have a chance to see the red squirrel close up.

You may also be interested in a fine 12-mile cycle route called the Sunshine Trail. This tracks through a very favorable picturesque area that receives some of the highest amount of sun shine. Starting from the south of the IOW, it offers really magnificent panoramic views over Shanklin, then onto Lake passing by Sandown railway stations. All the way you can contemplate some of the amazing views and all from the comfort of your trusty mountain bike. For those looking for a little longer route we can offer a 15 or 16 miles cycle. This is a little more ambitious but for the real enthusiast why not attempts the 62-mile round the island route. It can be performed in one day, although it is nice to stop over in some of the super inns and B&B; dotted along its path.
If you do not have a bike, but have a great desire to take part in this event and gain such exciting experience then you can easily hire one from the very first day of the festival.

Cycling Holidays
The Isle of Wight Councils organizes for islanders as well as tourists a rich program of divers’ capability so everyone can have a go at something on offer…

During the National Bike Week you will have an opportunity to see a wide range of interesting events…They say that June is marked by the coming of The Prodigy and Stereophonics to the island. So, believe me when I say, you will have a great many pastimes to keep you from becoming bored! We wish you to have a great cycling holiday have fun and cycle safe.


Best Destinations For Your Family

holidayWhen you are planning a trip for two people – it is really an easy thing, as many places are setup to cater for couples and thus finding that special deal is often a fairly simple task. However if you want to spend a nice holiday with a family or a group of people, then it is more of a challenge. The vacation must seem to cater for all tastes and meet all requirements of age, sex, interests, social position etc.

Obviously, the main goal of any holiday must be that all should have a good time, plenty of positive emotions where all members of the party will feel great. So planning for such a super event requires you to sit together with the all members of your family and decide in what directions you all wish to go. You must take into consideration the ideas and desires of everyone involved. Once you have realised the wishes, its time to choose the destination, book the hotels and pay for the  flights.

There are some places that can satisfy even the most capricious people and groups. One of these places is the beautiful and idyllic Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight is really one of the most favored destinations for UK travelers. Why do we as Islanders make such a big thing about this island? Well we all know it can offer a wide range of activities, wonderful natural beauty, fabulous places of interest many with great historical significance, events, festivals etc. etc. Adults can rest and relax having a great time and the children can be busy playing with so many activities at their fingertips, always looking, learning and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Every town and every village welcomes its visitors and opens their doors to the long-awaited guests at the beginning of each season. We always suggest that visitors should explore the popular towns of Shanklin and Sandown as well as visiting the surrounding bays, which always attract visitors by virtue of their sandy beaches and offerings of super times at the seaside.

Island accommodation is very comfortable and can fit a wide variety of money expenditures and expectations. You can easily find the most suitable hotel and restaurant along the esplanades of both towns. We do suggest exploring the historical places of both locations; take a pleasant stroll along the promenade in the fresh sea air, and then enjoy the picturesque scenery while sipping a glass of beer in a bar or local pub. Those wishing to satisfy their shopping fever should venture into the main town, not forgetting the Sunday market held in Sandown. Those interested in a cultural outing should checkout  Shanklin Theatre for a wonderful matinee or evening performance.

It does not really matter whether you decide to visit Shanklin or Sandown or any other towns of the Isle of Wight like Ryde, Ventnor etc. The most important thing is that you enjoy the pleasures and pastimes of your stay.