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How to Get to The Isle of Wight

Getting to the Isle of Wight is relatively easy from the English mainland and there are three main travel operators who can get you there in a fairly short space of time. Each of the travel operators has their own colourful history of bringing people between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland and they all have their own unique heritage of being connected with the Island.

They are:

Hover travel

hover_travel_iowThe Isle of Wight has a long history associated with the Hovercraft and in fact the Island was instrumental in its early development. Hover travel operates a fast and effective way of travelling to and from the Island by Hovercraft. This is said to be the fastest way of travelling to the island from the mainland and vice versa. The Hovercraft travels between Ryde and Portsmouth with both destinations being well served by public transport and having generous car parking facilities.


wightlinkWightlink has been taking people back and forth between the Isle of Wight and the mainland for the past 160 years. Wightlink operate between Yarmouth to Lymington, Fishbourne to Portsmouth and Ryde to Portsmouth.  The Yarmouth to Lymington route is by way of car ferry offering transportation for people travelling by either by foot or car, coach etc. The Fishbourne to Portsmouth also operates by way of car ferry. You can also travel by Fast Cat between Ryde and Portsmouth this is for foot passengers only but is a much faster way of travelling between the Island and the mainland.

Red Funnel
redfunnelferryRed Funnel operates between the Isle of Wight and the mainland from either East Cowes or West Cowes on the island to Southampton on the mainland. The Red Funnel company has transporting people to and from the Island for almost 150 years. You can catch the Red Funnel Car Funnel from East Cowes with Red Funnel operating the largest ferry of its type between the Island and the mainland. If you looking for a faster approach to travelling between the Isle of Wight and the mainland then the Red Jet Hi-Speed service between West Cowes and Southampton is your best option if you choose Red Funnel to get you there.

Whichever travel operator you choose to get you to the Isle of Wight you will find the island a great place to visit with many attractions and places to stay. The Isle of Wight is steeped in history in many ways from its Royal residences to its many monuments and historic buildings. The Island is also full of many modern attractions from its sports facilities to its many places to eat and drink. The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island to visit at whatever time of year you choose to visit.