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Vacations On The Isle of Wight

The Isle of White is one of the most beautiful places in England. Although it isn`t very big in size and has only 37 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide, it is the biggest island of the country and that is why it is poetically called “Little England”. The mild subtropical climate makes the weather on the island very warm and sunny. The Isle of White is a desired place for vacations all year round. The number of visitors who come to see its flora, fauna, places of historical and geological interest, monuments, different kinds of attractions and museums reaches to one million every year.

The Isle of White is separated from Great Britain by the Solent Channel. The beautiful nature of the Isle of White is inimitable in its variety and richness and the picturesque landscape of the island amazes with its diversity. The coastline of the island draws attention with its scenic creeks, fantastic beaches and the staggering chalk cliffs. The Needles present a row of cliffs in the west of the island with an old lighthouse on the top of them. The Needled became a well-known symbol of the Isle of White. There is a park of the same name at Alum Bay not far from the famous cliffs and it is famous with its multi-colored sand cliffs. There visitors are offered to see the full panorama of the cliffs, enjoy the trip in a boat to the cliffs and many other Isle of Wight attractions.

There are many places of interest in the inner part of the island too. Here you can see antique Saxon churches, Norman castles, medieval estates of the Victorian age, old thatched cottages of the Roman period and a real stream railway. There you can find different kind of museums, such as boat and shipwreck museums, bus and military museums, but the most popular are the dinosaurs museums, as the Isle of White was the homeland of many pre-historical animals and keeps a great interest not only for the scientists, but also for the dinosaurs` fans.

The IOW is a remarkable place either for the fanciers of active tourism or for people who want to have a quiet resort vacation at the seaside. You can take part in mountain biking, paragliding, surfing, boating and sailing competitions and visit adventure parks if you are fond of extreme and active recreation and you can have a quiet holiday on the seashore, play golf and visit animal sanctuaries, parks and gardens. “Little England” is a wondrous place where everybody will find something to his or her taste.

The Isle of Wight

Practically the whole island is a resort place and you can choose to stay in big towns of the island such as Ryde, Cowes, Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor and Newport or in a smaller town or village on the coast. Whatever you choose, every town and village has its own peculiar charm. There are many good Isle of Wight Hotels, cozy cottages and nice Isle of Wight Guest Houses at your disposal in every corner of the island. You can choose a self-catering or catered accommodation and even have a Van Camper vacation and make a tour around the island on a hired van! In 1800s Queen Victoria made a tradition to spend her summer vacations here and nowadays the Isle of Wight remains a popular place for many celebrities and noblemen.