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Join All The Wondrous Goings of Bestival

You may have heard of the Bestival, one of the biggest lifestyle music festivals in the country, lasting three days in late summer on the Isle of Wight. To truly appreciate everything that makes up this magnificent spectacle you have to experience it for yourself. Great care has gone in to the details that give Bestival such a festive and friendly atmosphere; thousands of flags and ribbons of many colours fill the air, entertainers in fancy dress wander through the crowds amusing children and adults alike, festival-goers gasp at the bravery and skill of trapeze artists leaping overhead.

Children will be kept busy for hours by the fairy castles, merry-go-rounds, interactive puppet shows and much more. Older children may enjoy the many arts and crafts shows where master craftsmen share their secrets with everybody who is keen to learn a new skill, such as knitting. There really is something for everybody at the festival. Good food and drink is sold all over the festival so you can relax on the lush green grass and have a picnic.

You can leave your tent at home because you will not need it. Here at the festival you will not spend time lugging camping gear around, leaving you free to go and have fun. Tangerine Fields proudly present fully equipped tents for your use; they are ready-pitched, cosy and available in various sizes. You just have to hire them. However it is always advisable to book, reserving tents for your entire party, so you can be sure you’re all camped together in the same spot. The same should be done if you choose to stay at one of the Isle of Wight’s hotels. It is worth spending the time thinking about your accommodation in advance as this is the time of year when thousands of music fans and holidaymakers from all over the country flock to the Island.

Spending three days under the bluest sky surrounded by your favourite music is a fantastic experience, where you can join many others merrily dancing, clapping, and singing along to the lovely tunes of the day. It is one of those rare moments when all your favourite acts are so close to you allowing you to admire the live gigs given by the most popular musicians, singers and artists of your country. And when the sun sets the fun continues well into the night. A rousing last night of the festival with an incredible fireworks display, booming music coming from the various stages and thousands of music fans making the most of the vibrant atmosphere is the perfect end to a spectacular event.

Isle of Wight Bestival Photos

Photos by encosion and Darran Gange


Cowes-Torquay-Cowes racing, Bestival and International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza

While having a splendid vacation on the seaside, taking the rays and tanning nicely you are more than likely very relaxed and in joyful mood, however you may now be looking for some new and excitement that can satisfy your soul aspirations.

As the days grow shorter the “tanning season” is drawing to a close, but you can still have great fun visiting the Islands thrilling boat races for example.

The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat race is a big event held from 28th to 30 August this year, 2009. Around  80 craft are going to participate. As you can see by the name the main race starts and finishes in Cowes – the marine capital of the Isle of Wight. This event is organized and supported by the British Powerboat Racing Club (BPRC). Cowes-Torquay-Cowes is considered a very serious and challenging offshore race and not for the weak of heart. Do try and get down to Cowes or along the foreshore as it’s a great and thrilling site to see these thunderbirds of the sea thrash their way forward at super speeds it’s a really thrilling weekend pastime.


photo by leightonian

Another event not to be missed is the Bestival happening on the 11th to the 13th of  September, 2009. Set up in the leafy surrounds of Robin Hill Countryside Adventure Park you can and will have a crazy and wild time. The Bestival is a 3-day boutique music festival supported by Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank. It is a multi award-winning event  producing fun and quirky pastimes for all its visitors and guests. On top of which you will discover the many and varied kinds of music genre, plus many attractions, bars, cocktails, circus and acrobatics performances, all wait to entertain and captivate you. This year’s line-up includes Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2manydjs and Bat for Lashes. Lest not forget the wonderful dressing-up theme as this is always widely embraced (this year the theme is Space, the final frontier!). Further attractions include the Come Dancing Spiegeltent and the Bollywood Bar so be there or be square!. The Bestival is one of the best ways to enjoy your life and give back great energy for the soul!

Next for your notebook is the International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza to be held on the 19th  and 20th  of September in Newport and Ryde. This is the its eighth year of operation and is an extremely popular event,  featuring all types of cars, from vintage and veteran to customized and retro, plus motorbikes and specialist military and commercial vehicles. In total, over 600 cars and other vehicles are expected to feature, including a large contingent of Minis (in celebration of the model’s 50th anniversary) and a number of Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts. The event starts at Newport Quay on Saturday and moves to Ryde Esplanade on Sunday. Make sure to take your camera with you as it’s a fabulous time for posing with the car of your dreams. We wish you a great time and lots of happy memories and pictures.


Bestival is a Superb Place to Feel Your Spirit

The Bestival is one of the greatest events in the musical calendar. This Bestival provides people with the three-day fun filled package of joy and a storm of emotions.


Incredible experience and exclusive tornado party are guaranteed.

This year the festival is to be found at its normal venue of Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight from the 11th to the 13th September. Initially the event was organised by BBC radio in late summer of 2004 with the aim to bring good and qualitative live music to a wide public canvas, 2009 is the sixth edition of this annual festival.

The Bestival is famous for its masquerade or fancy dresses presentations. It is a chance to feel totally free and let yourself go wearing whatever you wish,  to pull out various traditional and non-traditional ideas, to use your inspiration, to liberate your imagination and spirit in order to get a achieve satisfaction. It has a non-formal feel and innovative way of communication and uniting people of different styles of living and thus a whole state of triumph of existence is explored! In the objects of the Bestival you can look and feel like you are a human being of the great world society, without objection from others and at peace with oneself. It is a very special format and you can experience only during this Bestival session if you take part. That is why the other name for this festival is the boutique music festival.

2009 party goers will have to enjoy Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Elbow and the many others. There will be plenty of artists entertaining the most capricious and demanding public.

Regarding your stay during the festival, there is a campsite and all the necessary facilities at your disposal. So you will have pleasure eating and drinking as well as for the greater long term comfort showers and toilets are provided. There is plenty spaces for car parking etc.


So just relax and let it flow, and with the help of the odd alcoholic drinks you will fly in the sky…

We can be sure that your weekend will be full of excitement and pleasure. So you be sure to make time for the Bestival as it’s high time for adrenalin and stimulation!! Have fun and enjoy lovely Bestival on the Isle of Wight! We are sure you will take home some very exciting moments for your memory as well as great photos to remind you about a weekend in the years to come.

Madness ‘House Of Fun’ Bestival Isle of Wight 2007