A Dozen Reasons To Go To The Isle of Wight

One visit to the Isle of Wight and this idyllic spot will surely become one of your favourite holiday destinations. The Island offers so much that not even those lucky enough to live here can fully appreciate the beauty and variety that surrounds them. The summer is longer and warmer than virtually anywhere else in the UK allowing visitors to make the most of the lush countryside and sandy beaches.  With a wide assortment of accommodation available, visitors can enjoy all the various sports activities, tourist attractions, shows, festivals and good food they can. Let’s take a good look at the most noteworthy attractions of the Island.

Stunning Soft Sandy Beaches

Of course, as an island the IOW has many coastal attractions including thirteen award-winning beaches. To get such an award the water and sand must be kept clean and safe all year round. Lifeguards watch over all the major beaches so holidaymakers can enjoy bathing and water sports in safety. Ventnor and Shanklin beaches are among the most popular on the Island. If a change from sunbathing and swimming is wanted, the Isle of Wight’s beaches feature various attractions to keep you entertained.

Talking, Walking, Cycling

What could be healthier than going for a good long walk, breathing in the fresh sea air? Thanks to hundreds of paths and cycle ways you can reach almost every nook of the Island on foot or by bike. Fields, forests, valleys and other unspoiled natural landscapes feature pathways for walking and cycling.

Traditional Local Produce

Every particular area in the world has its traditional local product. The Isle of Wight is no different. Having tried the Island’s distinctive ales and ciders you will certainly be back for more. The IOW possesses three major breweries and many small independent producers. You can also have a taste of locally produced and award-winning foods such as baked goods, cheese and chocolate. All the food and drink can be sampled in the local shops and features on the menus of the snack bars, pubs or restaurants throughout the Island.

Festivals, Carnivals And Other Sporting Events

Every year the Island hosts a number of exciting events and world-famous festivals. Attracting thousands of visitors, each event is unique with spectacular shows and entertainment to suit everyone. Two of the country’s largest music festivals draw the biggest crowds with people flocking from all over the world to the IOW to see the celebrated musical talents of rock and popular music. Remember booking rooms in Isle of Wight hotels in advance is going to shorten a little your expenses and give you confidence in the future accommodation on the Island especially during festival period.


Isle of Wight Ferries

Isle of Wight Ferries are well connected from Southampton and Portsmouth to fast road and train journeys to London. As a holiday maker you will find the roads are excellent and you will soon be at your destination. If traveling to Portsmouth do not forget to look out for the Spinnaker Tower. It was built as part of the millennium celebrations and has become a famous land mark in Portsmouth. It can be seen from several miles away and is a beacon for the visitor.

The journey time to London from Portsmouth or Southampton is between one to two hours and goes to London Waterloo. Tickets to the Isle of Wight can be purchased which take you right through on the Isle of Wight ferry port to Ryde or Cowes.

Wightlink is the largest of the ferry operators providing a fast and easy way to get to the Island. Visit Island Eye for more information. Also visit the Wightlink web site to check times and ferry costs. Look out for the numerous bargains. Also on both sites you will find out more about the Isle of Wight generally with maps.

Red Funnel ferry to the Isle of Wight has a reliable and safe vehicle ferry and high speed catamaran to the Island. This Isle of Wight ferry company  can be checked out by visiting their web site and this is again a must to find out ferry timetables and discounts or holiday offers. Again maps are available here as they are on Island Eye.

Then last but not least is Hovertravel. This service proves a hovercraft service from Portsmouth to Ryde Esplanade and is on the Island side more convenient to visitors. This is passenger only and is the longest existing hovercraft service in the world.

Finally although there is an airport on the Isle of Wight situated at Bembridge there are no schedule services. However there are schedule services to Southampton from other parts of the UK and Southampton airport is about a twenty minute journey by taxi the ferry to the Isle of Wight.  This is a concrete runway and services are usually run from Southampton but check this out first.

Isle of Wight Ferries Photo Gallery


Vacations On The Isle of Wight

The Isle of White is one of the most beautiful places in England. Although it isn`t very big in size and has only 37 kilometers long and 21 kilometers wide, it is the biggest island of the country and that is why it is poetically called “Little England”. The mild subtropical climate makes the weather on the island very warm and sunny. The Isle of White is a desired place for vacations all year round. The number of visitors who come to see its flora, fauna, places of historical and geological interest, monuments, different kinds of attractions and museums reaches to one million every year.

The Isle of White is separated from Great Britain by the Solent Channel. The beautiful nature of the Isle of White is inimitable in its variety and richness and the picturesque landscape of the island amazes with its diversity. The coastline of the island draws attention with its scenic creeks, fantastic beaches and the staggering chalk cliffs. The Needles present a row of cliffs in the west of the island with an old lighthouse on the top of them. The Needled became a well-known symbol of the Isle of White. There is a park of the same name at Alum Bay not far from the famous cliffs and it is famous with its multi-colored sand cliffs. There visitors are offered to see the full panorama of the cliffs, enjoy the trip in a boat to the cliffs and many other Isle of Wight attractions.

There are many places of interest in the inner part of the island too. Here you can see antique Saxon churches, Norman castles, medieval estates of the Victorian age, old thatched cottages of the Roman period and a real stream railway. There you can find different kind of museums, such as boat and shipwreck museums, bus and military museums, but the most popular are the dinosaurs museums, as the Isle of White was the homeland of many pre-historical animals and keeps a great interest not only for the scientists, but also for the dinosaurs` fans.

The IOW is a remarkable place either for the fanciers of active tourism or for people who want to have a quiet resort vacation at the seaside. You can take part in mountain biking, paragliding, surfing, boating and sailing competitions and visit adventure parks if you are fond of extreme and active recreation and you can have a quiet holiday on the seashore, play golf and visit animal sanctuaries, parks and gardens. “Little England” is a wondrous place where everybody will find something to his or her taste.

The Isle of Wight

Practically the whole island is a resort place and you can choose to stay in big towns of the island such as Ryde, Cowes, Sandown, Shanklin, Ventnor and Newport or in a smaller town or village on the coast. Whatever you choose, every town and village has its own peculiar charm. There are many good Isle of Wight Hotels, cozy cottages and nice Isle of Wight Guest Houses at your disposal in every corner of the island. You can choose a self-catering or catered accommodation and even have a Van Camper vacation and make a tour around the island on a hired van! In 1800s Queen Victoria made a tradition to spend her summer vacations here and nowadays the Isle of Wight remains a popular place for many celebrities and noblemen.


The Isle of Wight Big Advantages

Sometimes people joking saying that the Isle of Wight seems to be a separate geographical place located somewhere in the tropics because of the rare rather hot summer periods. However these few hot days do not frighten the holidaymakers off. To be more precise and serious the Isle of Wight climate is very similar to the climate that can be found in the Mediterranean. Being cooped up in the buildings by cold and gloomy winter weather wearing for the sun to come, people dream to go the Isle of Wight because the entire island is bathed in sunshine.

Pick Your Time to Take The Action?

As the Isle of Wight is a favourite destination for almost all British holidaymakers it is highly recommended to pick your time of visiting the island carefully. Otherwise the height of the season or a festival going on will provide you with crowded beaches and higher hotel rates. As you can see it would be a bit difficult to find an appropriate Isle of Wight accommodation. However if you are in money visiting the Isle during a festival time will make your holiday more exciting and gripping. In short this is for you to count the cost. As the Isle of Wight houses many festivals and they are held during definitive time you should better consider this beforehand, thus taking into account the time period of the festival you want to attend will help you to plan your holiday and enjoy it very much. All the necessary information can be easily found in the Internet. You can find a lot of articles about the festivals and get detailed information about the time and place of the performance.

One of the most fantastic features of the Isle of Wight is its affordability and all-round attractiveness. There is no need to puzzle your brains who to leave your kids with or beseech your parents to look after your darlings while you are on vacation for the simple reason that there are many interesting things to do for every member of the family on the Isle of Wight. Taking your children with you will give you peace of mind and you will be touched watching your precious being so busy having fun. Believe it or not, but your children will love this place. Moreover after homecoming, they will be looking forward to going to the Isle of Wight again and again.

A Matter of Taste And Money

With so many various places to stay the Isle of Wight seems to be the place to match even a small budget. The range of Isle of Wight accommodation is wide and various; it includes the following types of dwelling: hotels, self catering cottages, caravans and campsites. Each of the mentioned types can provide you with many options so you can make the best choice for you. The same can be observed with food providing. Different multiple restaurants, snack bars, pubs, fast foods with various menus can offer you their service. Even the most fastidious children begin to enjoy eating.


Self Catering Isle of Wight Holidays

The strangest and unreasonable way of spending holidays is to shack up in an expensive hotel that is on the coast and swim in the swimming pools. Less strange but still unreasonable to stay home only because you think that your personal budget will not let you to have a deserved holiday. The Isle of Wight turns to be the most popular and beautiful place in the UK and it may be the most hospitable as well. Holidaymakers of every budget can have a wonderful time on this truly fascinating island, blessed with the best climate and gaseous natural scenery. The Isle of Wight itself is passionate about providing the visitors with the highest levels of service both in planning their holiday and during their stay on the island.

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Self catering Isle of Wight holidays is what you need visiting the island. Here you are able to find any type of accommodation to stay in: from cottages and bungalows to caravan parks. Moreover the location of the dwellings is in some of the most picturesque locations on the Isle, thus all windows of your room look onto “a garden or sea”. So there is no doubt you will find the right property to suit your needs.

Romantic caravan parks

One of the most popular choices for a family vacation is the caravan parks. These accommodation units have all the conveniences: central heating, their own cooking and washing facilities, as well as luxurious furnishings. In addition the surrounding is equipped with playgrounds and safe places for couples to enjoy one another’s company. Furthermore the calm sea waters of the Solent have uniquely easy accessibility. Some owners of such units even give their client a lovely free gift pack upon the arrival. As you can see no accommodation can be more romantic that this.

Fishing and Angles

Walking down the coastal beaches you can find yourself in one of the island’s many fishing villages. Here, you’ll be able to take advantage of one of the best attractions of a self-catering holiday – the low cost of a fresh seafood dinner. Bass are the main quarry for beach anglers, but pollack, conger, mackerel, pouting, horn-back rays, flatfish and wrasse, with occasional tope, are also taken. You can either buy some of the daily catch from the local fishermen, or you can try your hand at sea fishing yourself. So you will be pleased too, if you find any fish at one of your angles.

It`s time to have a snack

If you managed to put away a few chips there are many pubs shops and restaurants where you can get good food at reasonable price. These are special places where you can indulge yourself without spending a fortune.

Attractive attractions attract

If you fancy spending some of the money lots of attractions of every sort and kind for adults and children are available on the island. Wildlife parks, museums, galleries, gardens as well as amusement parks, tenpin bowling, an ice-rink can make your holiday more captivating. For the adults, a nightclub and several great pubs with some fine ales and cider are on offer. As you can see there is so much to do and look at Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight Museums

There are many interesting places in the United Kingdom that really deserve your attention. However the Isle of Wight is considered to be the destination that can provide you at once with all possible pleasures: pure air, picturesque nature, swanky hotels and exclusive service. It is also the place where you can be entertained, have time to relax, and enjoy even some extreme sports. Moreover it is reach in many other attractions and one of such is a variety of museums. This very attraction is a wealth of educational resources. So if you want to have memorable holidays and are looking to expand your horizons the Isle of Wight with deepest pride and greatest pleasure proudly presents some of the museums that you do not want to miss.

Osborne House

Osborne Housephoto by amandabhslater

Osborne House is a delightful estate museum. Can you imagine that centuries later you can cross the threshold of a favourite home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert? Visitors can see round the royal apartments and Victoria’s private rooms. Photographs, sculpture and paintings together with personal possessions of the royal pair are on display. A walled garden and small cottage where the children used to play add charm for the visitors.

Swiss Chalet. Osborne Housephoto by amandabhslater

Brighstone Village Museum

Brighstone Village Museum© NTPL / A F Kersting

The Brightstone Village Museum is a charming thatch-roofed cottage. In spite of the fact that the museum is small it can tell you much about the village lifestyle helping you to experience local culture and history. There is a stunning exhibit about village life in the 19th century that all visitors of the museum love. The museum atmosphere brings you back to those times and allows you to better understand what it was like to live back then.

Brighstone Shop and Museum
North Street, Brighstone, Isle of Wight PO30 4AX
Telephone: 01983 740689

Classic Boat Museum

Classic Boat Museumphoto source Classic Boat Museum & Gallery

The Classic Boat Museum currently houses an exciting collection of sailing and power boats, of both local and national interest and importance that allows tourists the opportunity to discover more about the culture and lifestyle of the Isle of Wight. The aim of the museum is to preserve and present the best of those boats that demonstrate the workmanship of past generations for the delight of the present and it is run entirely by volunteers. The collection contains not only classic boats, but also tools, artefacts, books, photographs, film and archival items that relate too much of the history of boat building, sailing, yachting, cruising and racing over the last century.

Find more information – Classic Boat Museum & Gallery

Cowes Maritime Museum

Cowes Maritime Museum  is another museum that displays the part of the national maritime heritage. This museum will tell you everything you ever wanted to learn about the maritime history of the island. The collection of photographs and paper archives from the yachting and shipbuilding industry tell the tale of the high seas, yachting, and shipbuilding traditions in the area. The collection is situated inside a library which includes over 7,000 books and periodicals.

Museum Of Island History

The Museum of Island History explores the history of the Isle of Wight from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. The museum contains touch screen computers, microscopes, hands on exhibits, quizzes, and games. It is a fun place to visit for the entire family.


Gardens of The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is probably the only place in the UK that can provide a fantastic blending of cleanest air, amazing nature and exclusive grade of service of Isle of Wight hotels. That is why it is considered by right to be the best getaway area in the UK. But the most grandiose advantage is the island`s gardens. They are just incredibly gorgeous. The beauty of the gardens will help you to penetrate the secrets of nature and history. Every garden narrates its own true story and enables visitors to become a party to it. Here are a few words about some of the top gardens in the area.

Adgestone Vineyard

The oldest vineyard on the island is Adgestone Vineyard. To visit this garden you don`t have to make sure that it is open because Adgestone Vineyard invites visitors all year around. Visitors to this vineyard will not only experience wonderful beauty, but they can also enjoy wine tastings. Admission is free. But if you want to make a personal guided tour of the garden, enjoy appetizing food at the cafe or do some shopping at the gift shop in this case of course you need some money.

Afton Park Nursery

Afton ParkThe Afton Park Nursery is a botanical garden. It is a unique park on the Isle of Wight. This park incorporates a popular farm shop, cafe, plant nursery, wildflower meadow and apple orchard. Visitors can also stay in eco friendly yurts amongst the apple trees at Afton Park. It work seven days a week, the only time it is closed is a Christmas period. It is open from 9am to 5pm in summer and from 10am to 4pm in winter. There is even a farm shop that offers fresh meat delivered every Friday. Also vegetables, whole foods, preserves, cheeses and many other artisan foods are available.

Godshill Model Village

Another area with amazing gardens is Godshill Model Village. It is one of the most photographed villages on the Island. It is quintessentially English with thatched cottages, tearooms and gift shops…and of course the amazing Model Village! Many of the models have real thatch. In the midst of the gardens and models there are miniature trees and plants.Your children will love getting up close to the models and feeling really BIG for a change! You will appreciate this gorgeous garden and the creation of this fabulous setting. Godshill Model Village is a unique and fun environment. You will be astounded by what you find here. It is open every day from 10 am.

Mottistone Manor Garden

One of the most picturesque gardens on the Island is the Mottistone Manor Garden. This is a 20th century Mediterranean garden. It sits in a valley and there is a beautiful panorama of the sea. The garden surrounds a beautiful historical architecture. Elizabethan manor house is colorful and beautiful. It does not have a status of museum thus visitors can only observe the house, however they are not allowed inside. They can walk around the grounds as long as they like. Opening times  It is open late March to October. Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 5.30pm.

Rosemary Vineyard

Rosemary vineyard is another vineyard on the island which is approximately 30-acres in size. As the climate is ideal for the vegetation many kinds of grapes as sweet, table and wine are grown on the vineyard. It is a very picturesque and peaceful environment that visitors can admire all times of the year.


The Best Place to Spend Your Holiday

The advantages of visiting the Isle of Wight are great and definitive; visitors are welcomed to by the good climate, perfect service and stunning scenery. Thanks to its geographical position you have a very rare opportunity of breathing the purest air blowing up from the English Channel. Any holidays spent here are always memorable and unforgettable. You can go with the whole family or you might want to spend a romantic holiday with your loved one. Moreover there are many special appeals, for example, there is the famous Osborne House where Queen Victoria resided at. For some people these historical places are one of the most important reasons to visit the island.

photo by sanjibm

It is not more than you can afford

Hotels here are beautiful and available throughout the island. You can find easily any size of the dwelling and be well exceedingly well accommodated. The Isle of Wight provides you with many places to stay in catering for all types of budgets and occasions. It is up to you to decide what accommodation is more affordable for your pocket, be it commercial hotels with swimming pools or quiet self catering. Also let us not forget the Luxury boutique cottages for two as well as the bed and breakfast and guest houses which are all at your service.

photo source puritani35

Everything your heart desires

One can hardly say the phrase “desire the impossible” for the simple reason that everything is possible here on the Island. People all around the world come to spend their holiday on the Isle of Wight. The visitors are provided with ample opportunity to relax and those who have a love of adventure can find something for their spirit as well. What about taking advantage of high speed water sports? Thanks to the south westerly wind every year in October, the island hosts the White Air Festival, where extreme seeking people can go in for such kinds of sport as jet skiing, kite surfing, windsurfing, mountain boarding, mountain biking and paragliding and many others. The festival takes place in Sandown, where marquees containing bands, extreme sports displays and food and drink stalls and of course you are cordially invited to all.

The never-ending sandy beaches, tourist attractions, famous resorts such as Shanklin, Sandown, Ventnor, Ryde, Seaview and Bembridge clearly allow the way for you to have wonderful and healthy pastimes. The bars and restaurants will always give you a cozy and nice atmosphere to relax in, here you can gain first-hand knowledge of the many gourmet meals that are in themselves an adventure in dining. And of course those who are fond of shopping will be able to indulge in their hobby in many of the nearby shops.

How can I get to…?

Whilst getting there you will have many opportunities to use all kinds of transport; ferries for cars are available from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, Yarmouth to Leamington and Southampton to East Cowes. Another means of transport which is very popular choice is a vehicle that floats above the land or water on a cushion of air and it is called the hovercraft. It takes the least time across the Solent, from Southsea to Ryde in 10mins., a ride not to be missed! Now it is not hard to see why visitors come from far and wide to holiday on the island.

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Isle of Wight Tourism Sector

Where can you find a perfect place for a great British holiday? The Isle of Wight is one of the options you may lie to consider. It is an unspoiled paradise of natural beauty and the special laid back our of time spirit of the IOW will plunge you immediately into a pleasant bygone age.

Tourism is a prime sector of IOW economy, IOW tourism brings an essential amount of income supporting into the IOW livelihoods of many of its residents. It contributes around 350 million pounds every year. This is a significant sum of money and it is vital for the IOW survival. There are many and varied accommodation types on offer all over the Island, The prospective visitor can select from hotels, B & B`s, guest houses, campsites and other types depending on your preferences and budget. Tourism on the IOW is growing and flourishing due to some interesting factors such as its close position to that of the mainland making the trip short but adventurous, a nice climate and super weather conditions. Couple this with its beautiful natural surroundings, historic heritage and hospitable people makes Island a place not to miss.

Another great set of attractions is the hundreds of tourist events and attractions that are being run year round all over the Island. These all add value as economic components over and above the accommodation and pure beauty that the Island has to offer, which includes sunny and sandy beaches, spectacular sea views, magnificent rural areas, historical places, various parks, zoos and countryside. Among big IOW events we can say about Isle of Wight Festival, Cowes Week, Garlic Festival to name just a few.

In other words, IOW is an ideal place for a holiday adventure, here you can find a lot of things to do and review and have a great time having fun and enjoyment. Recent research over the past few years has shown that the amount of holidaymakers coming to the Island is growing year on year. And this tendency illustrates that these figures are a good sign for the coming years, which in turn has given investors reasons to plough further monies into building more accommodation hotels, parks, attractions in many parts of the Island. Most of people who have visited this island once come back here time and time again. The Isle of Wight is a green island shaped like that of a diamond on its side. It is really a jewel of the Great Britain. Here you can relax and feel the fresh breath of the sea while marveling at its outstanding natural beauty.

One of the famed landmarks on the IOW is the Needles. You most certainly never forget it once you have stood on the downs at Alum bay and look down over the cliffs and see these magnificent chalk needles that run out into the English Channel. Here you can also see an interesting natural phenomenon, multi- coloured sand. It is caused over many years by the mixture of different minerals layered into the sandy rock face. Not far away from here you can view the lighthouse on the edge of the needles rocks. Travel Isle of Wight and you will have a marvellous trip on the island.


Difference Between a Guest House And a B & B

There are many excellent options of accommodation types available on the Isle of Wight. This impressive choice caters for all tastes, demands and budgets. What is the difference between a guest house and a B & B? Well, usually the guest houses are bigger; consequently they provide accommodation in addition to just a bedroom such as a lounge and perhaps a communal bar. Also guest houses are often able to offer more services and comfortable facilities than their smaller B & B ones competitors.

For instance, B & B include only breakfast while guest houses can supply evening dinners and frequently have as already suggested a licensed bar. Usually like any other type of accommodation guest houses are charged with a local star system rating from one to five. The gradation scale is based upon quality of service and hospitality, the level of cleanness, the excellence of supplied meals and whether or not an en-suite bathroom is available.

St. Leonards for example is a typical Guest House situated in the charming and scenic area of Shanklin town. This family run accommodation welcomes you to their business and will make you feel comfortable as if you were at home. Christina and David invite you to enjoy your British holiday in this picturesque surroundings and friendly atmosphere. You have will have a wonderful opportunity to combine many relaxing pastimes with an excellent Guest House service. Last year St Leonards was awarded 4 stars by the Visit Britain team. The Island is an ideal place for cyclists and walkers to enjoy relaxing experience during their days out and about. There are about many hundreds of miles of magnificent walks around the Island and if you are a passionate golf player, you can check the visitors play days on one of the seven major Golf Courses on the Island.

st.leonard hotelphoto source: http://www.stleonards-hotel.co.uk

While looking around for suitable accommodation may we recommend another super short stay Isle of Wight Guest House for a nice short of long holiday. The Winterbourne Country House in Bonchurch, this 5 stars Guest House is a residence of wonderful special charm and beauty. The splendid location is next to my favourite Isle of Wight location of Ventnor and is distinguished by its tranquility and magnificence. You will get a very warm welcome and be inspired by its charming gardens. This famous house has seen the likes of guests such as Charles Dickens. May be you will feel his spirit or inspiration and write another masterpiece like David Copperfield.

Winterbourne_housephoto source: http://www.winterbournehouse.co.uk/

Winterbourne is a non- smoking house, so you if are a non smoker you will have a great time if not we suggest you may need a packet of nicorettes or give up its well worth it. At the Winterbourne House you will find en-suite, direct dial telephone, colour TV and available beverages. Why not sit and have a nice cup of tea on the terrace overlooking the sea and the old church at Bonchurch.

Whatever Isle of Wight accommodation you select, remember to take a camera with you, as you will have plenty wonderful things you will capture while holidaying on the Island. Travel Isle of Wight and have fun!