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Isle of Wight Common Mistakes of Property Running

Do you want to buy a piece of property? By avoiding some frequently made mistakes you can become experienced without being stuck with a property that could well turn out to be a money pit.

What must be done?

Be careful with any documentation included in the listing while purchasing any property because it is essential to have detailed information about the structure, particularly if damage has or is occurring. Do not think that you can easily identify the state of the building from the first look. Sometimes the new owners only realise what they have bought after the event as the latent defects of the property begin to reveal themselves. In this case to your deep regret it will be too late to do anything about it. You have also to be very attentive and careful while looking through the documents to be able to obtain future insurance. This can affect whether the lending companies will approve the acquisition of the property. Thus when the owner is going to sell his or her property there is often some information that must be reported to the buyer under disclosure.

Aspects to examine and pay attention to

If the chosen property impressed you much you had better see how the land lies before you make the concluding agreement to purchase it. On closer inspection you can see things in far greater detail and coverage. First of all pay attention to such key elements as the roof, electric wiring, the plumbing and the foundations. You have to make sure that they are all working appropriately and free of major issues. Areas around the selected property are also of great importance- roads and accessibility, houses and commercials, parks and scenery etc. Everything is to be inspected and taken into consideration. Also if you don not like something about the house and have a plan to change or improve, it is better to estimate the rough costs for those improvements and repairs that you are planning to do. This will allow you to then see if the overall property costs fit the budgeted situation.

There is always a chance to beat down the price, by accentuating and pointing out all drawbacks of the property. Do not worry if you personally do not have the time or expertise as Isle of Wight lettings or Isle of Wight estate agents can assist you in purchasing any property you choose.


The Basic Principle Of Isle of Wight Real Estate Administration

Property management is again a discipline that effectively applies such principles that are well spread in commercial, residential or even industrial real estate. The basic and fundamental principle is in the relationship between the landlords and tenants. An estate agent can act as the owner if there is an agreement between them and the real landlord, thus entrusting them to handle all the duties of the property owner. It can include maintenance of the property, rent collection, tenant complaints duties and all legal obligations.

It can be a varied and expansive portfolio

If one client owns a great number of property assets; in this case several property managers may work exclusively for this single client managing his or her combination of properties. For example, if you are an owner of a cottage, several apartments, a restaurant and a water park you can entrust all these properties to be maintained by a property managing company while you are away.

Arrange a contract in which you will specify all the details, duties, obligations and fees together with the company that is going to operate the business, take care and handle your property assets. This commercial lease must be scrupulously and thoroughly defined and established. It will certainly fall outside of a normal and usual arrangement and involves plenty of individual and particular tasks and obligations.

Even an ordinary contract between an owner who leases an apartment and the tenant who is going to live there can involve some extra additions to it such as security, delivery or cleaning. However in this case an extra additional fee may occur.

Such property management establishments are very important for owners as well as for tenants. Both of the sides will be guarded against any unwanted circumstances that might be caused by each other. The clear expectations bring trouble-free atmosphere causing no problems or difficulties to either side. On the contrary tenants have the assurances to use their accommodation or premises as long as it is determined, in an accepted condition. Tenants will not be afraid of facing unexpected interference from the owner or other tenants. Meanwhile landlords can be assured that the established costs are controlled and the profit from their business will be maximized. Clear framework of management will encourage both sides to obey property laws.

There are many responsible and reputable Isle of Wight estate agents or Isle of Wight lettings you can fully entrust with your property.


Isle of Wight Property Management

If you are a possessor of property on the Isle of Wight you should be aware of some special companies that are ready to manage all the residential situations while you are too busy or away. This Residential Property service includes the management of separate properties in any neighborhood as well as apartment complexes. The associations who are responsible for this type of management are very well organized thus it makes your life more trouble-free and unproblematic. One of the main contributions of the management company is that it is responsible to attend all board meetings in order to make recommendations; the company provide bids and assist to analyze those bids that have been submitted. Another important service of such companies is that they can contract out. This means that they can employ other workers or even companies to do some special and needed work as required. For example cleaning your swimming pool or doing some work in your garden such as cutting off the top and branches of the trees to encourage new growth at the top. They can also manage building and improvement works if it’s needed.


When leaving your property on the island for a long period of time especially in the summer can often turn a handsome rentable profit if so desired. The management company can be responsible to handle all the rental money as well as the whole procedure and do all the necessary things. Isle of Wight lettings or Isle of Wight estate agents have a great variety of very convenient services. Such agencies organise all of the paper work and can even have a suggestion box, so owners and clients alike can voice their concerns and issues about their property.

What else do they do?

Enforcing the rules that have been confirmed by the association and board is another operation of the management company. All types of infractions such as fines, late fees are documented and properly sent out. However in spite of this all the process can be really overwhelming and complicated by the proper personnel’s absence if it not well organized.

Finally, such things as a security service or an emergency service can be assigned to the neighborhood and all this can be directed and provided for by the management company. A guard or local security firm can be deployed into the community to make the neighborhood more secure. Choose Isle of Wight estate agents!


Difference Between a Guest House And a B & B

There are many excellent options of accommodation types available on the Isle of Wight. This impressive choice caters for all tastes, demands and budgets. What is the difference between a guest house and a B & B? Well, usually the guest houses are bigger; consequently they provide accommodation in addition to just a bedroom such as a lounge and perhaps a communal bar. Also guest houses are often able to offer more services and comfortable facilities than their smaller B & B ones competitors.

For instance, B & B include only breakfast while guest houses can supply evening dinners and frequently have as already suggested a licensed bar. Usually like any other type of accommodation guest houses are charged with a local star system rating from one to five. The gradation scale is based upon quality of service and hospitality, the level of cleanness, the excellence of supplied meals and whether or not an en-suite bathroom is available.

St. Leonards for example is a typical Guest House situated in the charming and scenic area of Shanklin town. This family run accommodation welcomes you to their business and will make you feel comfortable as if you were at home. Christina and David invite you to enjoy your British holiday in this picturesque surroundings and friendly atmosphere. You have will have a wonderful opportunity to combine many relaxing pastimes with an excellent Guest House service. Last year St Leonards was awarded 4 stars by the Visit Britain team. The Island is an ideal place for cyclists and walkers to enjoy relaxing experience during their days out and about. There are about many hundreds of miles of magnificent walks around the Island and if you are a passionate golf player, you can check the visitors play days on one of the seven major Golf Courses on the Island.

st.leonard hotelphoto source:

While looking around for suitable accommodation may we recommend another super short stay Isle of Wight Guest House for a nice short of long holiday. The Winterbourne Country House in Bonchurch, this 5 stars Guest House is a residence of wonderful special charm and beauty. The splendid location is next to my favourite Isle of Wight location of Ventnor and is distinguished by its tranquility and magnificence. You will get a very warm welcome and be inspired by its charming gardens. This famous house has seen the likes of guests such as Charles Dickens. May be you will feel his spirit or inspiration and write another masterpiece like David Copperfield.

Winterbourne_housephoto source:

Winterbourne is a non- smoking house, so you if are a non smoker you will have a great time if not we suggest you may need a packet of nicorettes or give up its well worth it. At the Winterbourne House you will find en-suite, direct dial telephone, colour TV and available beverages. Why not sit and have a nice cup of tea on the terrace overlooking the sea and the old church at Bonchurch.

Whatever Isle of Wight accommodation you select, remember to take a camera with you, as you will have plenty wonderful things you will capture while holidaying on the Island. Travel Isle of Wight and have fun!


Cowes-Torquay-Cowes racing, Bestival and International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza

While having a splendid vacation on the seaside, taking the rays and tanning nicely you are more than likely very relaxed and in joyful mood, however you may now be looking for some new and excitement that can satisfy your soul aspirations.

As the days grow shorter the “tanning season” is drawing to a close, but you can still have great fun visiting the Islands thrilling boat races for example.

The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat race is a big event held from 28th to 30 August this year, 2009. Around  80 craft are going to participate. As you can see by the name the main race starts and finishes in Cowes – the marine capital of the Isle of Wight. This event is organized and supported by the British Powerboat Racing Club (BPRC). Cowes-Torquay-Cowes is considered a very serious and challenging offshore race and not for the weak of heart. Do try and get down to Cowes or along the foreshore as it’s a great and thrilling site to see these thunderbirds of the sea thrash their way forward at super speeds it’s a really thrilling weekend pastime.


photo by leightonian

Another event not to be missed is the Bestival happening on the 11th to the 13th of  September, 2009. Set up in the leafy surrounds of Robin Hill Countryside Adventure Park you can and will have a crazy and wild time. The Bestival is a 3-day boutique music festival supported by Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank. It is a multi award-winning event  producing fun and quirky pastimes for all its visitors and guests. On top of which you will discover the many and varied kinds of music genre, plus many attractions, bars, cocktails, circus and acrobatics performances, all wait to entertain and captivate you. This year’s line-up includes Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2manydjs and Bat for Lashes. Lest not forget the wonderful dressing-up theme as this is always widely embraced (this year the theme is Space, the final frontier!). Further attractions include the Come Dancing Spiegeltent and the Bollywood Bar so be there or be square!. The Bestival is one of the best ways to enjoy your life and give back great energy for the soul!

Next for your notebook is the International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza to be held on the 19th  and 20th  of September in Newport and Ryde. This is the its eighth year of operation and is an extremely popular event,  featuring all types of cars, from vintage and veteran to customized and retro, plus motorbikes and specialist military and commercial vehicles. In total, over 600 cars and other vehicles are expected to feature, including a large contingent of Minis (in celebration of the model’s 50th anniversary) and a number of Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts. The event starts at Newport Quay on Saturday and moves to Ryde Esplanade on Sunday. Make sure to take your camera with you as it’s a fabulous time for posing with the car of your dreams. We wish you a great time and lots of happy memories and pictures.


Accommodation in Ryde And Ventnor

As we promised here is some more information with regard to the accommodation within the beautiful Isle of Wight. As before we intend to take you through one of our descriptive tours. Today we want to stop at some really attractive places in Ryde, Ningwood and Ventnor. To tell you the truth, these towns are some of my favourites  on the Isle of Wight. First of all they are nice places to visit.

ventnor_isle_of_wight_englandVentnor is a very beautiful town with its tropical palms and there is most definately a special spirit you can feel being inside the town. There are a range of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars for adults to enjoy themselves. The Marina Parade is a good choice in Ventnor. Ventnor is one of the popular destinations among holiday-makers. It ideally suits those who want to see island attractions, exploring historical places and natural beauty, as well as the like for a traditional beach holiday. These apartments are furnished and equipped with a very high criterion. You can sit and contemplate the beautiful view of the sea panorama out of your bedroom. Ventnor Bay is 50 metres from the apartments entrance. All apartments are equipped with autonomous electric heating systems, laundry rooms with washing machines.

Satellite TV, DVD, video and other entertainment facilities are installed in every flat free of charge. A convenient parking space is available for every apartment. If you want to stay at Ningwood, then Orchard Cottage welcomes you. Ningwood is situated halfway between Yarmouth and Newport. You can simply access this small hamlet by road once off the car ferry. It is a four bedroom comfortable thatched accommodation. The house itself refers to the 17th century. It will turn you back to the atmosphere of olden times.

The accommodation provides you with spacious rooms for your rest and relaxation. You can have a nice cup of tea in the beautiful gardens. If you want to have a tasty dinner, nip in the car and around the corner to find the Horse and Groom open for you. Welcoming public houses now have a status for good meals. Onwards on our way is Ryde. Ryde is famous for its many eating places to visit. Ryde Pier is a well-known landmark with its railway, ferry terminal as well as bus station. Anyone should find in this town something very special for his/ her own soul and interests.

Let me present to you the  Ryde Castle. This accommodation is located fortuitously on the seafront but ryde_castle_hotelat the same time is still close to the centre of the town. This large and comfortable accommodation provides you with elegantly furnished rooms. Holiday facilities are at qualitative level. You will be I am sure very satisfied. A honeymoon couple or a big family with many children can have a nice beach holiday here. It is the perfect place for children to have fun with road train, mini merry-go-round at Peter Pans Playground…

If you want to find a particular Isle of Wight hotel, simply research in the world of unlimited cyber space this will bring you the answers. We are sure that once you have visited the beautiful Isle of Wight, you will not forget it. And we are doubly sure that you will never be bored as there are so many fabulous things to see and do on the island.