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Life And Times Of Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle is probably one of the most popular thus frequently visited places in the Isle of Wight. Due to its history, architecture and touching events the castle is undoubtedly worthy a visit. Towering above the local landscape the buildings ramparted about by permanent defensive works give you a vivid picture of the past architecture and way of living. You will be amazed by the long steep steps and high fortification of the fortress. The panorama which opens in front of you holds you with a firm grip due to its scope and beauty.
Carisbrooke Castlephoto source: Wikipedia

Since about 1100 the construction of the fortress, later castle, has a long history as well. Some parts of it were rebuilt and completed, modified and perfected, reestablished and fortified. Thus we have now a magnificent example of a huge historical monument to make people become excited and more interested in the history. It sounds weird but yet it’s true that the castle for some royal people who wielded the scepter was a summer home for other dethroned the castle was dramatic and became a prison.

Every master of the place contributed his or her mite to the castle. Even the beautiful garden which is undoubtedly is an embellishment was designed by Chris Beardshaw who was inspired by the Princess Beatrice. She was the ninth daughter of Queen Victoria, they both lived their. The designer of the garden was absolutely right saying that it would tack on an extra dimension to the medieval castle. So it did. Private chamber of royal residents were turned into museum and include plenty of memorabilia. You visit see their bedroom and get surprised by how short the nuptial bed is. Probably it can be explained by relatively short people lived that time.

The room where Elizabeth lived as a hostage and later died from pneumonia when she was a young lady is an interesting place to visit. A famous painting reflecting the moment when the lifeless body of the girl was found is very pathetic. Besides the museum and the garden there is a well-house in the castle which was the main supplier of water for all the tenants of the fortress. This construction has a deep well and a huge tread wheel inside. Donkeys have drawn up water for hundreds of years in order to supply all the dwellers of Carisbrooke Castle. And now tourists still have a great possibility to see this breathtaking process with their own eyes.


The Isle of Wight Museums

There are many interesting places in the United Kingdom that really deserve your attention. However the Isle of Wight is considered to be the destination that can provide you at once with all possible pleasures: pure air, picturesque nature, swanky hotels and exclusive service. It is also the place where you can be entertained, have time to relax, and enjoy even some extreme sports. Moreover it is reach in many other attractions and one of such is a variety of museums. This very attraction is a wealth of educational resources. So if you want to have memorable holidays and are looking to expand your horizons the Isle of Wight with deepest pride and greatest pleasure proudly presents some of the museums that you do not want to miss.

Osborne House

Osborne Housephoto by amandabhslater

Osborne House is a delightful estate museum. Can you imagine that centuries later you can cross the threshold of a favourite home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert? Visitors can see round the royal apartments and Victoria’s private rooms. Photographs, sculpture and paintings together with personal possessions of the royal pair are on display. A walled garden and small cottage where the children used to play add charm for the visitors.

Swiss Chalet. Osborne Housephoto by amandabhslater

Brighstone Village Museum

Brighstone Village Museum© NTPL / A F Kersting

The Brightstone Village Museum is a charming thatch-roofed cottage. In spite of the fact that the museum is small it can tell you much about the village lifestyle helping you to experience local culture and history. There is a stunning exhibit about village life in the 19th century that all visitors of the museum love. The museum atmosphere brings you back to those times and allows you to better understand what it was like to live back then.

Brighstone Shop and Museum
North Street, Brighstone, Isle of Wight PO30 4AX
Telephone: 01983 740689

Classic Boat Museum

Classic Boat Museumphoto source Classic Boat Museum & Gallery

The Classic Boat Museum currently houses an exciting collection of sailing and power boats, of both local and national interest and importance that allows tourists the opportunity to discover more about the culture and lifestyle of the Isle of Wight. The aim of the museum is to preserve and present the best of those boats that demonstrate the workmanship of past generations for the delight of the present and it is run entirely by volunteers. The collection contains not only classic boats, but also tools, artefacts, books, photographs, film and archival items that relate too much of the history of boat building, sailing, yachting, cruising and racing over the last century.

Find more information – Classic Boat Museum & Gallery

Cowes Maritime Museum

Cowes Maritime Museum  is another museum that displays the part of the national maritime heritage. This museum will tell you everything you ever wanted to learn about the maritime history of the island. The collection of photographs and paper archives from the yachting and shipbuilding industry tell the tale of the high seas, yachting, and shipbuilding traditions in the area. The collection is situated inside a library which includes over 7,000 books and periodicals.

Museum Of Island History

The Museum of Island History explores the history of the Isle of Wight from the time of the dinosaurs to the present day. The museum contains touch screen computers, microscopes, hands on exhibits, quizzes, and games. It is a fun place to visit for the entire family.


Gardens of The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is probably the only place in the UK that can provide a fantastic blending of cleanest air, amazing nature and exclusive grade of service of Isle of Wight hotels. That is why it is considered by right to be the best getaway area in the UK. But the most grandiose advantage is the island`s gardens. They are just incredibly gorgeous. The beauty of the gardens will help you to penetrate the secrets of nature and history. Every garden narrates its own true story and enables visitors to become a party to it. Here are a few words about some of the top gardens in the area.

Adgestone Vineyard

The oldest vineyard on the island is Adgestone Vineyard. To visit this garden you don`t have to make sure that it is open because Adgestone Vineyard invites visitors all year around. Visitors to this vineyard will not only experience wonderful beauty, but they can also enjoy wine tastings. Admission is free. But if you want to make a personal guided tour of the garden, enjoy appetizing food at the cafe or do some shopping at the gift shop in this case of course you need some money.

Afton Park Nursery

Afton ParkThe Afton Park Nursery is a botanical garden. It is a unique park on the Isle of Wight. This park incorporates a popular farm shop, cafe, plant nursery, wildflower meadow and apple orchard. Visitors can also stay in eco friendly yurts amongst the apple trees at Afton Park. It work seven days a week, the only time it is closed is a Christmas period. It is open from 9am to 5pm in summer and from 10am to 4pm in winter. There is even a farm shop that offers fresh meat delivered every Friday. Also vegetables, whole foods, preserves, cheeses and many other artisan foods are available.

Godshill Model Village

Another area with amazing gardens is Godshill Model Village. It is one of the most photographed villages on the Island. It is quintessentially English with thatched cottages, tearooms and gift shops…and of course the amazing Model Village! Many of the models have real thatch. In the midst of the gardens and models there are miniature trees and plants.Your children will love getting up close to the models and feeling really BIG for a change! You will appreciate this gorgeous garden and the creation of this fabulous setting. Godshill Model Village is a unique and fun environment. You will be astounded by what you find here. It is open every day from 10 am.

Mottistone Manor Garden

One of the most picturesque gardens on the Island is the Mottistone Manor Garden. This is a 20th century Mediterranean garden. It sits in a valley and there is a beautiful panorama of the sea. The garden surrounds a beautiful historical architecture. Elizabethan manor house is colorful and beautiful. It does not have a status of museum thus visitors can only observe the house, however they are not allowed inside. They can walk around the grounds as long as they like. Opening times  It is open late March to October. Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 5.30pm.

Rosemary Vineyard

Rosemary vineyard is another vineyard on the island which is approximately 30-acres in size. As the climate is ideal for the vegetation many kinds of grapes as sweet, table and wine are grown on the vineyard. It is a very picturesque and peaceful environment that visitors can admire all times of the year.


Ventnor is my Favourite Town

I want to start my story with one of my most favorite my emotional experiences whilst on holiday. I have been to the Isle of Wight and I liked the island very much. It is a green and covered in super flora and fauna and is nice and tranquil and one of the best places in Europe where my soul and mind can rest for a while from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But the town I lied most of all was that of Ventnor.

Spyglass_inn_ventnorphoto source:

If you are going to visit the IOW, do drop into Ventnor. It`s a lovely seaside resort with a long tradition, perfect for a family holiday as it has a real Mediterranean feel to it and is one of the hidden wonders of the island. It is situated right on the south coast tip of eh Island looking out over the English Channel towards France. Built in part upon the inclined cliffs, it nestles in the shelter of steep sided hills and falls steeply towards the sea offering some magnificent views from the many viewing points one can stop at. This town is very nice because of its mild climate and therapeutic sea air. Just a minute or two from the town centre you feel this splendid atmosphere of sheltered tropical weather as Ventnor often receives the highest amount of sunny days for the whole of England.

Ventnorphoto source:

Historically speaking, Ventnor began its life as just a small fishing rural community. Often associated with smuggling and the odd costal ship wreck due to the notorious Ventnor ledge, which used to catch unfamiliar sea captains unaware and cause catastrophic damage to their ships. In 1866 the Isle of Wright Railway was constructed and this date initiated fabulous growth with the community, the town prospered, flourishing with growth all over Ventnor. Due to the type of warm weather, Ventnor became a therapeutic centre with the UK`s largest sanatorium for TB, which at the time was untreatable and deadly. Nearby Bonchurch became the haunt of a number of famous writers, including Charles Dickens.

He stayed in this village for a while very close to the Old Bonchurch Church, which has a really quaint plaque saying “Refurbished in 1086″ outside on the wall. This small village is almost unchanged, with its village pond and pretty cottages can be reached by a pleasant and easy stroll along the sea wall from the harbour.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens is one of the most famous attractions just outside the town.

Ventnor_Botanic_Gardenphoto source:

It is very beautiful and has a tremendous variety of flora and fauna on display, the local microclimate of Ventnor allows for many tropical and sub tropical plants of all kinds to grow, making for really fantastic experience as you walk through the many styles of gardens on display. Here you can find gorgeous plants from Japan, New Zealand and Australia. All through the village is the perfect place for growing many a rare flower or plant.

The temperature and humidity sees many flourishing tropical flowers just growing wild in many of the cottage gardens. However, around about in this area you can observe many features created by the landslip, as the surrounding hills are vulnerable to slippages due to their makeup and the steep hillsides they cling to. This geological aspect is called Graben. Due to this factor several houses have moving over the centuries as well as underground pipes and cables of supplies being destroyed as the movement occurs.

All in all Ventnor still remains one of the popular destinations to vacation to, Its sandy beach is great for relaxation; a walk along the coast path takes you to the famous 22 acre Botanic Gardens, Steephill Cove- one of the island`s hidden gems, do try and go there, take a camera it`s just fantastic. Ventnor town has several supermarkets and a good mix of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurant, together with a great choice of accommodation and fine dining. Ventnor is considering one of the main IOW attractions. Isle of Wight Hotels with open doors all year round.


Beside The Isle of Wight Seaside

Our sunny and hot summer has now faded into memory, but this is not a reason to get upset. There are still some warm days and we can always prey for a late Indian summer which would be wonderful. Even now you can enjoy our warm autumn season on the Islands sea shores. As the golden beaches of the Isle of Wight, always attract many late holidaymakers every year. In addition to the wide range of attractions, fun, amusement events, festivals, historical places of interest, Isle of Wight is famous for its rich beach and coastal walks. Isle of Wight Tourism is happy to provide people with information on many walks and rambles.

People who are born near the seaside get very used to going to the beach and having recreational fun in and out of the water. Children like to play in the sand, build sandcastles, families enjoy picnics and romantic pairs take pleasurable loving strolls with each other, listening to the waves striking against the coastal rocks. Why don’t I give you a sample of some of the IOW beaches describing their delights and secrets. Sandown bay is a traditional family resort famous for its long golden sandy beach.

The pier is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The sea air is wonderful, and a walk along the coastal path towards Bembridge is the best way to enjoy it, while savoring the stunning scenery from the top of Culver Down on your way. If you find time to tear yourself away from the beach, you can discover that the town has a nice choice of restaurants and along with many local pubs. Do tell the children that the area around Sandown Bay is a good place to go fossil hunting which will keep them amused for hours as they scour the rock pools for a prehistoric find! This year the beaches received a Blue Flag Beach Award for its high standards.

Shanklin beach which is situated a little further along the coast is also a long and sandy one, but not so rocky. Do take time to admire Shanklin Chine which is a narrow gorge running down to the sea, filled with rare plants, a waterfall and lots of points of interest, such as PLUTO the famous Pipeline Under The Ocean, which kept the troops on D Day supplied with water, oil and petrol. Moving up at the top of the gorge you will discover the Old Village with its thatched cottages, tearooms and small shops all greeting the visitor with open arms and cream teas. The town itself has a good choice of restaurants, cafes and pubs; again In 2009 Shanklin beach also received an award of the Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide.


Photo by Christine Matthews

Form Shanklin one can walk all the way around to Ventnor, which is a seaside resort with a very long tradition, perfect for family holiday and is wonderfully Victorian and very picturesque.

Ventnor nestles in the shelter of steep sided hills, and was the seaside town of choice in Victorian times because of its mild climate and therapeutic sea air. Its sandy beach is great for relaxation and the new harbour is a great place to hire a fishing boat or take a afternoon trip on one of the marine trips. A walk along the coast path takes you to the famous twenty two acres Botanic Gardens, a dream to walk around and peruse the trees and flowers and you must while there nip down to visit Steephill Cove, one of the islands` many hidden gems, it is so wonderful and I am sure  you will remember it forever. You can buy fresh and delicious lobster and crab here at several of the eateries. Ventnor beach is tranquil and comfortable beach. The beach also received the Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide 2009 award.

Now you can choose from my little list a beach that best suits your taste. For me it will always be Steephill Cove. Do not hesitate to find a fitting  Isle of Wight accommodation looking for all on the internet.


Parks of The Isle of Wight

What is would you say was a super and great pastime for both adults and children alike? Immediately holiday time together comes to mind as it is the most favourite and lovely pastime for any family to enjoy on an annual basis. We all love having wonderful times with our dear ones and close friends. The grown-ups can have a drink and relax while the children enjoy the many days away from school, having a super and nice time with friends and not just sitting in front of computer and playing electronic games, but walking and cycling, jumping around and generally having fun.

Where can you find such a nice place to relax and rest? Well may I suggest you try the beautiful and green Isle of Wight. There is a great spirit on the Island brining enjoyment and service to its visitors is one of the main thrusts of the many tourism businesses. As well as this the traveler will notice immediately that the pace of life changes as soon as you cross the Solent and set foot onto the Island, it’s a magical place of beauty with the most splendid scenery. I would like to provide you with some information on a few of the main attractions and parks on the IOW. Your children will find that there are many things to do and see within them.

One of the popular attractions on the IOW is Dinosaur Isle- an Interactive dinosaur museum.


This park is located in Sandown. It is a really nice and stunning area, where you can see and play with Interactive displays, large fossil collections, alongside is an extensive gift shop, this is an all weather attractions and is open all the year round. You can have a walk into past and then back to future, contemplating the history and development of the civilization of dinosaurs that lived 120 million years ago. There is also a great collection of all kinds of dinosaurs fossilized remains.


Their sizes will surprise you as they are their natural size which means BIG! Do not be scared as they are just skeletons, but very, very long ago a world of dinosaurs ruled the Isle of Wight.

The next attraction and park is Robin Hill Country Park.


Set in picturesque country side, it is an ideal place for children’s parties and the playing of games. There are five new woodland gardens to rest in and explore so something for the whole family. Here you have a great opportunity to see and take pictures of the rare red squirrel. This is great fun for the kids as squirrel spotting can take many hours of hunting to find the right picture,. It is a real fun for kids!

The thirds alternative is Fort Victoria to the West of the Wight, situated on the north side of the Solent. Here you can see the following attractions, the Marine Aquarium, and Archaeology Exhibition, Planetarium and Model Railway. Again I t is an opportunity to combine leisure time with super educational themes. It is a very good place to view vintage boats and ships in action as the views across the narrow straits between the Island and the mainland is narrow and very busy. After having a super walk you can have lunch at Verdi’s Cafe.

Here are just some parks and attraction options found on the Isle of Wight. However, there is a great amount of Isle of Wight attractions. Choose whatever you want and have a great day out! IOW Tourism welcomes you!


Bestival 2009 is Here!

Hello, my dear people and visitors of the beautiful Isle of Wight. We are glad to welcome you once again to one of the most exciting calendar events of the IOW. The Bestival is greeting you! I would like to provide you with a super short review of the things you must know about and can do when visiting the Bestival.

The Bestival is held from 11th to 13th of September, 2009.
What is this Bestival anyway? It is a 3-day boutique music festival celebrated in a very picturesque and wonderful Island setting. This so called a natural Garden or Eden Robin Hill is the perfect place where this event can be held. A green and flourishing park situated in the heart of the Isle of Wight (in between Newport and Ryde) and again this year it is glad to open its doors to one and all. How did it start? The Bestival was born out of Rob da Bank’s visionary ideas. He is a famous British disk jockey and still active to this day as a DJ and Radio 1 presenter. The Bestival brings a lot of positive impressions, emotions and fun things for “joe public” to see and do. What is the mission the Bestival? I think that the main mission or reason for the Bestival is to bring music culture of all genres and styles to the wide public. A great spread of music is performed during three days in open air! I guess that you would call it a really great episode for civilization and art. The Bestival is a realised dream that come true due to the efforts of Rob da Bank, his wife- Josie da Bank and co- partners of John and Ziggy.

In my humble opinion, the Bestival is an ideal vision of how modern festivals should look; it is a bright and shining example of tolerance and vitality.  This represents and demonstrates the real magic of music with an orgy of colours which for a few days in September spread themselves over the shores of the Solent.

A little bit of history…The very first Bestival was held in September, 2004. And it was a successful start to a long held vision. Meanwhile the years have passed and each Bestival in turn has left a unique an exceptional track in people’s memories. Since the beginning a tremendous amount of local and well established artists, singers, bands and performers have entertained their capricious public with their music. This year the stage presents the likes of Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2 manydjs and Bat for Lashes.
If you feel like fresh air and adrenalin you enjoy camping then pack up your tepee roll up your sleeping bag and come along.  It is a fun pastime for teenagers and young people alike and I have even seen people of older persuasion enjoying them! However, if you like comfort, you can easily search for a suitable accommodation on the Isle of Wight, near Newport, Ryde or Cowes. The Bestival is a very kid-friendly, so children are very welcome and well catered for as there are many interesting things for them to do. They will love it, you will love it as it is just a great experience and fun thing to do over a late summer weekend in September.

Bestival Fire Works
The Bestival is massive musical event and is one for the record books you cant really imagine the experience, you have to be there!
Over the years it has gained many the UK Festival Awards. It is a storming adventure for your brain, and a flight of fancy for your soul. Discover yourself! Why not dress up for the fancy dress ball, be crazy live life and enjoy the wonders of the Bestival.

photos source: Flickr


Family Holiday Parks in And Around Ryde

What can be more romantic than travelling on the top deck with the sun setting in the distance on a warm summers evening sailing to the Isle of Wight for a super holiday with your loved one? Believe me when I say it is a lovely experience, as you glide slowly forward with the thoughts of what a superb trip is in store as you have heard so much about the nonstop entertainment and nightlife guaranteed all across the Isle of Wight in the summertime. The reputation for great sea food cuisine is making it a favourite destination for the seasoned traveller and new holidaymakers.

The IOW is a perfect location offering wonderful natural locations along with great beeches and scenery to match. The islanders are glad to offer to you all kinds of accommodation to suit every pocket and every family. To find out more information on the suitable accommodation awaiting you why not visit the Island Eye portal.

All across the island you will find suitable accommodation parks at your disposal that cater for all tastes, ages and interests. For example, in the Ryde area there are several, the first is situated 3 miles due East from Ryde where we find Field Lane, containing a nice little family park situated in St. Helens where you and all your children can have a splendid holiday.

Field Lane Park
This fortunate park position allows you to access nice sandy beaches and enjoy days of sun bathing bucket and spade as well as good safe swimming. From here it is also possible to choose many superb walks that cover all parts of the island.

Another superb situation in Ryde is Hillgrove Park. There again you will find many entertaining activities, games and a super swimming pool for children. If you want to be even closer to nature why not try one of the static caravans and bungalows found at Nodes Point which is located just 3.1 miles from Ryde on the road to towards St Helens.

Hillgrove Park
This park is aimed at holidays for families. There are super amusements, entertainments and attractions that will not leave you or your children wanting. The indoor swimming pool is very impressive and really an exciting pastime for the kids. But don’t forget to have a go yourselves; it is an extremely good exercise for the body and its general health. The staff is open and friendly offers a warm welcome to all their guests throughout the season. The services are excellent and the prices are more than suitable for your family budget.

If you want to go away from your routine everyday life, choose the Isle of Wight. It has on offer an ideal coastline, wonderful rural areas and breathtaking natural beauty for you to enjoy your holiday. All accommodation facilities are comfortable and meet high standard of hotel business. Take a break and visit Ryde!


Open Yourself to Exciting World of Our Own Backyard

There are so many things that are written about one`s holiday time and where to take the all important annual vacation. I am quite sure every year each people plans their holidays with meticulous detail. As it this time when one dreams about having a wonderful time away from work, office, ordinary life and the other monotonous daily chores. OK, so where do we go Europe, further afield perhaps? Well often the answer here will depend on your interests and preferences as well as the all important factor of the monetary budget. After thinking and debating on such a task you eventually will decide as to what the budget can afforded, then the question will switch to where and what is the best place for your vacation this year? We know already there are many places where you can have a great rest and relaxation so the choice is wide.


However, with the budget we have we may well be looking this year to stay in the UK and perhaps visit some of the famous seaside resorts, as much talked about as the kind of holidays by our forefathers used to go on. Such things as sharabangs and a week at Butlins, memories of days at the seaside with their buckets and spades. However, it does not mean that this particular style of holiday or resort will suit you down to the ground or even if you would like it? But we have in our own minds and we should go and see such places for ourselves and see what al the fuss was about.

As when you think about it, you can often spend a great deal of time traveling mile after mile and never actually realize that paradise is nearer than you think. So let`s be wise and appreciate that this year it will not be necessary to go that far away in order to find joy and happiness. Just look around locally and see what UK wonders are really on your own doorstep. To begin with, you will need to make a deep and extensive research on the topic in question. Examining the family requirements is a good place to start. If one person prefers a passive leisure time like drinking a pleasant pint of beer, attending an exciting festival or having a wonderful time at the disco, and the other is fond of a more strenuous pastime like quiet walk for the odd 12 miles followed by an interesting book…Then their tastes differ, but help is at hand. As we don`t have to go that far away and we are very glad enlighten you as to one UK destination that will fit all of the requirements just muted. The Isle of Wight offers not only an answer to your questions but much more as well.


There are many areas where you can have a great time dotted all over the Island thus having a wonderful vacation. What can you not enjoy about the Isle of Wight? It has splendid natural beauty surrounded by nature and a great many evening entertainments and hot nightlife for those more enthusiastic youngsters among the party. All of which will be at your disposal when visiting the IOW. If you are fit and wish to partake in a walking adventure, again the Island has many signed and well documented walks throughout the whole island where you can explore each town and village of this beautiful isle. And believe me there are many places worth seeing along the trails. It is a good opportunity for the British people to discover their own culture and feel free to embellish and contemplate why our forefathers made such a song and dance about our own wonderful Islands.

Just a quick note on accommodation places for you. Via the internet and cyber space you can easily find any Isle of Wight Hotel that should comfortably satisfy all your requirements and demands. Here as well you can find out some useful background information on an Isle of Wight Holiday.

photo source


Accommodation in Ryde And Ventnor

As we promised here is some more information with regard to the accommodation within the beautiful Isle of Wight. As before we intend to take you through one of our descriptive tours. Today we want to stop at some really attractive places in Ryde, Ningwood and Ventnor. To tell you the truth, these towns are some of my favourites  on the Isle of Wight. First of all they are nice places to visit.

ventnor_isle_of_wight_englandVentnor is a very beautiful town with its tropical palms and there is most definately a special spirit you can feel being inside the town. There are a range of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars for adults to enjoy themselves. The Marina Parade is a good choice in Ventnor. Ventnor is one of the popular destinations among holiday-makers. It ideally suits those who want to see island attractions, exploring historical places and natural beauty, as well as the like for a traditional beach holiday. These apartments are furnished and equipped with a very high criterion. You can sit and contemplate the beautiful view of the sea panorama out of your bedroom. Ventnor Bay is 50 metres from the apartments entrance. All apartments are equipped with autonomous electric heating systems, laundry rooms with washing machines.

Satellite TV, DVD, video and other entertainment facilities are installed in every flat free of charge. A convenient parking space is available for every apartment. If you want to stay at Ningwood, then Orchard Cottage welcomes you. Ningwood is situated halfway between Yarmouth and Newport. You can simply access this small hamlet by road once off the car ferry. It is a four bedroom comfortable thatched accommodation. The house itself refers to the 17th century. It will turn you back to the atmosphere of olden times.

The accommodation provides you with spacious rooms for your rest and relaxation. You can have a nice cup of tea in the beautiful gardens. If you want to have a tasty dinner, nip in the car and around the corner to find the Horse and Groom open for you. Welcoming public houses now have a status for good meals. Onwards on our way is Ryde. Ryde is famous for its many eating places to visit. Ryde Pier is a well-known landmark with its railway, ferry terminal as well as bus station. Anyone should find in this town something very special for his/ her own soul and interests.

Let me present to you the  Ryde Castle. This accommodation is located fortuitously on the seafront but ryde_castle_hotelat the same time is still close to the centre of the town. This large and comfortable accommodation provides you with elegantly furnished rooms. Holiday facilities are at qualitative level. You will be I am sure very satisfied. A honeymoon couple or a big family with many children can have a nice beach holiday here. It is the perfect place for children to have fun with road train, mini merry-go-round at Peter Pans Playground…

If you want to find a particular Isle of Wight hotel, simply research in the world of unlimited cyber space this will bring you the answers. We are sure that once you have visited the beautiful Isle of Wight, you will not forget it. And we are doubly sure that you will never be bored as there are so many fabulous things to see and do on the island.