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Difference Between a Guest House And a B & B

There are many excellent options of accommodation types available on the Isle of Wight. This impressive choice caters for all tastes, demands and budgets. What is the difference between a guest house and a B & B? Well, usually the guest houses are bigger; consequently they provide accommodation in addition to just a bedroom such as a lounge and perhaps a communal bar. Also guest houses are often able to offer more services and comfortable facilities than their smaller B & B ones competitors.

For instance, B & B include only breakfast while guest houses can supply evening dinners and frequently have as already suggested a licensed bar. Usually like any other type of accommodation guest houses are charged with a local star system rating from one to five. The gradation scale is based upon quality of service and hospitality, the level of cleanness, the excellence of supplied meals and whether or not an en-suite bathroom is available.

St. Leonards for example is a typical Guest House situated in the charming and scenic area of Shanklin town. This family run accommodation welcomes you to their business and will make you feel comfortable as if you were at home. Christina and David invite you to enjoy your British holiday in this picturesque surroundings and friendly atmosphere. You have will have a wonderful opportunity to combine many relaxing pastimes with an excellent Guest House service. Last year St Leonards was awarded 4 stars by the Visit Britain team. The Island is an ideal place for cyclists and walkers to enjoy relaxing experience during their days out and about. There are about many hundreds of miles of magnificent walks around the Island and if you are a passionate golf player, you can check the visitors play days on one of the seven major Golf Courses on the Island.

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While looking around for suitable accommodation may we recommend another super short stay Isle of Wight Guest House for a nice short of long holiday. The Winterbourne Country House in Bonchurch, this 5 stars Guest House is a residence of wonderful special charm and beauty. The splendid location is next to my favourite Isle of Wight location of Ventnor and is distinguished by its tranquility and magnificence. You will get a very warm welcome and be inspired by its charming gardens. This famous house has seen the likes of guests such as Charles Dickens. May be you will feel his spirit or inspiration and write another masterpiece like David Copperfield.

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Winterbourne is a non- smoking house, so you if are a non smoker you will have a great time if not we suggest you may need a packet of nicorettes or give up its well worth it. At the Winterbourne House you will find en-suite, direct dial telephone, colour TV and available beverages. Why not sit and have a nice cup of tea on the terrace overlooking the sea and the old church at Bonchurch.

Whatever Isle of Wight accommodation you select, remember to take a camera with you, as you will have plenty wonderful things you will capture while holidaying on the Island. Travel Isle of Wight and have fun!


Ventnor is my Favourite Town

I want to start my story with one of my most favorite my emotional experiences whilst on holiday. I have been to the Isle of Wight and I liked the island very much. It is a green and covered in super flora and fauna and is nice and tranquil and one of the best places in Europe where my soul and mind can rest for a while from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But the town I lied most of all was that of Ventnor.

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If you are going to visit the IOW, do drop into Ventnor. It`s a lovely seaside resort with a long tradition, perfect for a family holiday as it has a real Mediterranean feel to it and is one of the hidden wonders of the island. It is situated right on the south coast tip of eh Island looking out over the English Channel towards France. Built in part upon the inclined cliffs, it nestles in the shelter of steep sided hills and falls steeply towards the sea offering some magnificent views from the many viewing points one can stop at. This town is very nice because of its mild climate and therapeutic sea air. Just a minute or two from the town centre you feel this splendid atmosphere of sheltered tropical weather as Ventnor often receives the highest amount of sunny days for the whole of England.

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Historically speaking, Ventnor began its life as just a small fishing rural community. Often associated with smuggling and the odd costal ship wreck due to the notorious Ventnor ledge, which used to catch unfamiliar sea captains unaware and cause catastrophic damage to their ships. In 1866 the Isle of Wright Railway was constructed and this date initiated fabulous growth with the community, the town prospered, flourishing with growth all over Ventnor. Due to the type of warm weather, Ventnor became a therapeutic centre with the UK`s largest sanatorium for TB, which at the time was untreatable and deadly. Nearby Bonchurch became the haunt of a number of famous writers, including Charles Dickens.

He stayed in this village for a while very close to the Old Bonchurch Church, which has a really quaint plaque saying “Refurbished in 1086″ outside on the wall. This small village is almost unchanged, with its village pond and pretty cottages can be reached by a pleasant and easy stroll along the sea wall from the harbour.

Ventnor Botanical Gardens is one of the most famous attractions just outside the town.

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It is very beautiful and has a tremendous variety of flora and fauna on display, the local microclimate of Ventnor allows for many tropical and sub tropical plants of all kinds to grow, making for really fantastic experience as you walk through the many styles of gardens on display. Here you can find gorgeous plants from Japan, New Zealand and Australia. All through the village is the perfect place for growing many a rare flower or plant.

The temperature and humidity sees many flourishing tropical flowers just growing wild in many of the cottage gardens. However, around about in this area you can observe many features created by the landslip, as the surrounding hills are vulnerable to slippages due to their makeup and the steep hillsides they cling to. This geological aspect is called Graben. Due to this factor several houses have moving over the centuries as well as underground pipes and cables of supplies being destroyed as the movement occurs.

All in all Ventnor still remains one of the popular destinations to vacation to, Its sandy beach is great for relaxation; a walk along the coast path takes you to the famous 22 acre Botanic Gardens, Steephill Cove- one of the island`s hidden gems, do try and go there, take a camera it`s just fantastic. Ventnor town has several supermarkets and a good mix of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurant, together with a great choice of accommodation and fine dining. Ventnor is considering one of the main IOW attractions. Isle of Wight Hotels with open doors all year round.


Sports And Fun of The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight even if I say so myslef is a splendid place for fun and adventure. I personally find the Isle of Wight is a wonderful place where the sun admirers have an opportunity to enjoy warm days, golden beaches and the lazy hazy days of summer. On top of this it is really a fantastic and one may say one of the best places for water sports like yachtsman, kite surfers, wind surfers, canoeist, powerboats, rowing to name but a few, all summer the water worshipers are having super fun enjoying their particular interest.

For example at the end of August a fairly new event that has taken place over the past few years adorns our islands air sea and waterways yet again, The White Air Festival. It has now become the leading and biggest sporting event of its type in Europe. Within its framework you can enjoy a fabulous variety of sports you can examine in detail what makes these tick and how you can get involved, The whole thing is organized in a very hands on way so that the visitor where possible and try for themselves and see if they are keen to enjoy these activities. Try for example; mountain boarders, surf kayakers, gravity racers, Jet Ski or any others are just s sample of what is on offer. It is a portion of simple amusement and up to a kick of excitement for an adrenalin rush for those risky enthusiasts. Do not hesitate to endeavor to try these thrilling kinds of sports, you just don`t know until you ry. If you think that it is an opportunity only for young or risky people, you are absolutely wrong. Any person at any age or from any social group or with even with physical disabilities can compete and have a go. It is all about having fun and enjoy sports and at the same time minimizing the risks!

After all this excitement you may wish to have a break and rest for a while, you can of course listen to some of the live artists and bands all around the arena , or why not just have a drink and a rest at a bar under a comfortable tented area. I am sure that after feeling dully satisfied and happy you up again plunging again into the atmosphere of fiesta and celebration they call The White Air Festival. Also you may well be interested in mountains the brave mountain boarders skilled in high jumps; you can see them test their strength in extremely high, vertical and sharp steep mountains` slopes. Whether water or land sports, you can have fun at any of these sporting activities. Choose whatever you want and don`t worry if you think you will be missing something as they are going on simultaneously so plenty of time to try all. Entertain yourself in an impressive and thrilling style! Commentators will help and keep the competitors and visitors fully amused throughout the event.

If you do not go in for any sport now but you have a desire to do it and try it out then you will be welcomed with open arms. There are programmers for beginners and experts alike. Sometimes it is important to try the strange and daredevil things in life. Do not be afraid as you will find the way out of any situation as you are being carefully guided throughout. In addition, these missions will often make you stronger; give you a piece of enduring knowledge and may be a new skill set. So, if you are up for a bit of excitement I will see you at The White Air Festival.

If you are interested to find a suitable Isle of Wight accommodation, you are free to do it via many internet portals. IOW Tourism welcomes you and is ready to offer a wide range of water and mountain sports.


Open Yourself to Exciting World of Our Own Backyard

There are so many things that are written about one`s holiday time and where to take the all important annual vacation. I am quite sure every year each people plans their holidays with meticulous detail. As it this time when one dreams about having a wonderful time away from work, office, ordinary life and the other monotonous daily chores. OK, so where do we go Europe, further afield perhaps? Well often the answer here will depend on your interests and preferences as well as the all important factor of the monetary budget. After thinking and debating on such a task you eventually will decide as to what the budget can afforded, then the question will switch to where and what is the best place for your vacation this year? We know already there are many places where you can have a great rest and relaxation so the choice is wide.


However, with the budget we have we may well be looking this year to stay in the UK and perhaps visit some of the famous seaside resorts, as much talked about as the kind of holidays by our forefathers used to go on. Such things as sharabangs and a week at Butlins, memories of days at the seaside with their buckets and spades. However, it does not mean that this particular style of holiday or resort will suit you down to the ground or even if you would like it? But we have in our own minds and we should go and see such places for ourselves and see what al the fuss was about.

As when you think about it, you can often spend a great deal of time traveling mile after mile and never actually realize that paradise is nearer than you think. So let`s be wise and appreciate that this year it will not be necessary to go that far away in order to find joy and happiness. Just look around locally and see what UK wonders are really on your own doorstep. To begin with, you will need to make a deep and extensive research on the topic in question. Examining the family requirements is a good place to start. If one person prefers a passive leisure time like drinking a pleasant pint of beer, attending an exciting festival or having a wonderful time at the disco, and the other is fond of a more strenuous pastime like quiet walk for the odd 12 miles followed by an interesting book…Then their tastes differ, but help is at hand. As we don`t have to go that far away and we are very glad enlighten you as to one UK destination that will fit all of the requirements just muted. The Isle of Wight offers not only an answer to your questions but much more as well.


There are many areas where you can have a great time dotted all over the Island thus having a wonderful vacation. What can you not enjoy about the Isle of Wight? It has splendid natural beauty surrounded by nature and a great many evening entertainments and hot nightlife for those more enthusiastic youngsters among the party. All of which will be at your disposal when visiting the IOW. If you are fit and wish to partake in a walking adventure, again the Island has many signed and well documented walks throughout the whole island where you can explore each town and village of this beautiful isle. And believe me there are many places worth seeing along the trails. It is a good opportunity for the British people to discover their own culture and feel free to embellish and contemplate why our forefathers made such a song and dance about our own wonderful Islands.

Just a quick note on accommodation places for you. Via the internet and cyber space you can easily find any Isle of Wight Hotel that should comfortably satisfy all your requirements and demands. Here as well you can find out some useful background information on an Isle of Wight Holiday.

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Accommodation in Ryde And Ventnor

As we promised here is some more information with regard to the accommodation within the beautiful Isle of Wight. As before we intend to take you through one of our descriptive tours. Today we want to stop at some really attractive places in Ryde, Ningwood and Ventnor. To tell you the truth, these towns are some of my favourites  on the Isle of Wight. First of all they are nice places to visit.

ventnor_isle_of_wight_englandVentnor is a very beautiful town with its tropical palms and there is most definately a special spirit you can feel being inside the town. There are a range of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars for adults to enjoy themselves. The Marina Parade is a good choice in Ventnor. Ventnor is one of the popular destinations among holiday-makers. It ideally suits those who want to see island attractions, exploring historical places and natural beauty, as well as the like for a traditional beach holiday. These apartments are furnished and equipped with a very high criterion. You can sit and contemplate the beautiful view of the sea panorama out of your bedroom. Ventnor Bay is 50 metres from the apartments entrance. All apartments are equipped with autonomous electric heating systems, laundry rooms with washing machines.

Satellite TV, DVD, video and other entertainment facilities are installed in every flat free of charge. A convenient parking space is available for every apartment. If you want to stay at Ningwood, then Orchard Cottage welcomes you. Ningwood is situated halfway between Yarmouth and Newport. You can simply access this small hamlet by road once off the car ferry. It is a four bedroom comfortable thatched accommodation. The house itself refers to the 17th century. It will turn you back to the atmosphere of olden times.

The accommodation provides you with spacious rooms for your rest and relaxation. You can have a nice cup of tea in the beautiful gardens. If you want to have a tasty dinner, nip in the car and around the corner to find the Horse and Groom open for you. Welcoming public houses now have a status for good meals. Onwards on our way is Ryde. Ryde is famous for its many eating places to visit. Ryde Pier is a well-known landmark with its railway, ferry terminal as well as bus station. Anyone should find in this town something very special for his/ her own soul and interests.

Let me present to you the  Ryde Castle. This accommodation is located fortuitously on the seafront but ryde_castle_hotelat the same time is still close to the centre of the town. This large and comfortable accommodation provides you with elegantly furnished rooms. Holiday facilities are at qualitative level. You will be I am sure very satisfied. A honeymoon couple or a big family with many children can have a nice beach holiday here. It is the perfect place for children to have fun with road train, mini merry-go-round at Peter Pans Playground…

If you want to find a particular Isle of Wight hotel, simply research in the world of unlimited cyber space this will bring you the answers. We are sure that once you have visited the beautiful Isle of Wight, you will not forget it. And we are doubly sure that you will never be bored as there are so many fabulous things to see and do on the island.