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Join All The Wondrous Goings of Bestival

You may have heard of the Bestival, one of the biggest lifestyle music festivals in the country, lasting three days in late summer on the Isle of Wight. To truly appreciate everything that makes up this magnificent spectacle you have to experience it for yourself. Great care has gone in to the details that give Bestival such a festive and friendly atmosphere; thousands of flags and ribbons of many colours fill the air, entertainers in fancy dress wander through the crowds amusing children and adults alike, festival-goers gasp at the bravery and skill of trapeze artists leaping overhead.

Children will be kept busy for hours by the fairy castles, merry-go-rounds, interactive puppet shows and much more. Older children may enjoy the many arts and crafts shows where master craftsmen share their secrets with everybody who is keen to learn a new skill, such as knitting. There really is something for everybody at the festival. Good food and drink is sold all over the festival so you can relax on the lush green grass and have a picnic.

You can leave your tent at home because you will not need it. Here at the festival you will not spend time lugging camping gear around, leaving you free to go and have fun. Tangerine Fields proudly present fully equipped tents for your use; they are ready-pitched, cosy and available in various sizes. You just have to hire them. However it is always advisable to book, reserving tents for your entire party, so you can be sure you’re all camped together in the same spot. The same should be done if you choose to stay at one of the Isle of Wight’s hotels. It is worth spending the time thinking about your accommodation in advance as this is the time of year when thousands of music fans and holidaymakers from all over the country flock to the Island.

Spending three days under the bluest sky surrounded by your favourite music is a fantastic experience, where you can join many others merrily dancing, clapping, and singing along to the lovely tunes of the day. It is one of those rare moments when all your favourite acts are so close to you allowing you to admire the live gigs given by the most popular musicians, singers and artists of your country. And when the sun sets the fun continues well into the night. A rousing last night of the festival with an incredible fireworks display, booming music coming from the various stages and thousands of music fans making the most of the vibrant atmosphere is the perfect end to a spectacular event.

Isle of Wight Bestival Photos

Photos by encosion and Darran Gange


Fun Activities of The Isle of Wight

There are many places in the world where you can have a nice holiday and great fun. At any of the places you intend to spend your valuable vacation time you wish to make sure that you chosen well. One of the main things is who you are going on your trip, as your companions play a vital role in the success of the adventure. You can of course go on trip alone, but that takes a special kind of person as travel is all about experience and that is often best shared. If you want to be away from civilisation and to rest for a while from hustle and bustle of everyday living then why not choose the Isle of Wight as the perfect destination. It is calm and tranquil place often thought of as being many years behind the pace of mainland or north Island as the locals like say.

You know on think about it, I must personally say that Isle of Wight can and is an ideal destination for everybody. For example, it is a great opportunity to spend a wonderful vacation with the whole family. The weather is often better than that of the mainland; there is plenty of enchanting picturesque scenery, golden beaches, historical places and festivals galore that cater for all tastes. Natural beauty appeals to your imagination and inspiration. There are so many places for kids like Zoos, Parks, and Isle of Wight Attractions. Your children will be excited and busy with so many different things to do. Young couples also will be engaged with festivals and events.

The Isle of Wight is a breeding-ground for many fiestas, carnivals and celebrations, such as the Isle of Wight Music Festival, The Bestival, Jazz Festival and many more! If you are looking for something very different or extreme, you can go on walking or hiking adventure, there are some great water sports, paragliding courses and all sorts of other activities. If you are interested in history, you are welcome to explore the rich and interesting history on the Isle of Wight as it has many famous places to visit and explore. Those wishing to explore the Islands culinary cuisine are greeted by a plethora super restaurants, bars and pubs.

There you can have a mug of beer or a nice dinner with candles and glass of wine. These settings are superb and should be enjoyed with good company, talking with your friends, recalling the moments of your life, chatting over anecdotes and funny stories while soaking up the ambience around. For those that go it alone, try just lying in the Sun, sunbathing and gently swimming in the Sea all of which will improve your soul and give you an appetite for more than juts food. If you are fond of the same, then the nice and warm Isle of Wight beaches are waiting for you. I find it personally so nice to lie down, enjoy the warm Sun rays and just relax. Let the rays caress your body and your soul will float among the clouds in the sky, it truly is a splendid feeling. In evening you can take a walk alongside the beach and contemplate the nice red sun slowly setting in the West.

Many people cross to the Island on a weekend break for all sort o weekend attractions such as Hen and Stag parties, Murder Mysteries, Ghost Hunts and Golfing Weekends. A lot of amusing time is guaranteed, you can go also go in for some games like Lazer combat or paintball, but be sure to bring a jumpsuit and an armored plated set of pants Seriously all the equipment is supplied and it is a very exciting and fun experience and well worth trying if you have never done it before. Two teams of 6 people each are chosen and fight each other in several different events. It is fast, exciting and often quite a dirty game if played in the muddy fields. For those with a little more dignity, Clay Pigeon is a great fun for noble gentleman or women. The goal of this outdoor activity is to shoot as many clay pigeons as possible, the clays come thick and fast and a keen eye can often take the day!

So, as you can see these are only some super activities and opportunities for having fun on the Isle of Wight. IOW Tourism can provide you with a good accommodation and guest service.


Bestival 2009 is Here!

Hello, my dear people and visitors of the beautiful Isle of Wight. We are glad to welcome you once again to one of the most exciting calendar events of the IOW. The Bestival is greeting you! I would like to provide you with a super short review of the things you must know about and can do when visiting the Bestival.

The Bestival is held from 11th to 13th of September, 2009.
What is this Bestival anyway? It is a 3-day boutique music festival celebrated in a very picturesque and wonderful Island setting. This so called a natural Garden or Eden Robin Hill is the perfect place where this event can be held. A green and flourishing park situated in the heart of the Isle of Wight (in between Newport and Ryde) and again this year it is glad to open its doors to one and all. How did it start? The Bestival was born out of Rob da Bank’s visionary ideas. He is a famous British disk jockey and still active to this day as a DJ and Radio 1 presenter. The Bestival brings a lot of positive impressions, emotions and fun things for “joe public” to see and do. What is the mission the Bestival? I think that the main mission or reason for the Bestival is to bring music culture of all genres and styles to the wide public. A great spread of music is performed during three days in open air! I guess that you would call it a really great episode for civilization and art. The Bestival is a realised dream that come true due to the efforts of Rob da Bank, his wife- Josie da Bank and co- partners of John and Ziggy.

In my humble opinion, the Bestival is an ideal vision of how modern festivals should look; it is a bright and shining example of tolerance and vitality.  This represents and demonstrates the real magic of music with an orgy of colours which for a few days in September spread themselves over the shores of the Solent.

A little bit of history…The very first Bestival was held in September, 2004. And it was a successful start to a long held vision. Meanwhile the years have passed and each Bestival in turn has left a unique an exceptional track in people’s memories. Since the beginning a tremendous amount of local and well established artists, singers, bands and performers have entertained their capricious public with their music. This year the stage presents the likes of Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2 manydjs and Bat for Lashes.
If you feel like fresh air and adrenalin you enjoy camping then pack up your tepee roll up your sleeping bag and come along.  It is a fun pastime for teenagers and young people alike and I have even seen people of older persuasion enjoying them! However, if you like comfort, you can easily search for a suitable accommodation on the Isle of Wight, near Newport, Ryde or Cowes. The Bestival is a very kid-friendly, so children are very welcome and well catered for as there are many interesting things for them to do. They will love it, you will love it as it is just a great experience and fun thing to do over a late summer weekend in September.

Bestival Fire Works
The Bestival is massive musical event and is one for the record books you cant really imagine the experience, you have to be there!
Over the years it has gained many the UK Festival Awards. It is a storming adventure for your brain, and a flight of fancy for your soul. Discover yourself! Why not dress up for the fancy dress ball, be crazy live life and enjoy the wonders of the Bestival.

photos source: Flickr


Cowes-Torquay-Cowes racing, Bestival and International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza

While having a splendid vacation on the seaside, taking the rays and tanning nicely you are more than likely very relaxed and in joyful mood, however you may now be looking for some new and excitement that can satisfy your soul aspirations.

As the days grow shorter the “tanning season” is drawing to a close, but you can still have great fun visiting the Islands thrilling boat races for example.

The Cowes-Torquay-Cowes powerboat race is a big event held from 28th to 30 August this year, 2009. Around  80 craft are going to participate. As you can see by the name the main race starts and finishes in Cowes – the marine capital of the Isle of Wight. This event is organized and supported by the British Powerboat Racing Club (BPRC). Cowes-Torquay-Cowes is considered a very serious and challenging offshore race and not for the weak of heart. Do try and get down to Cowes or along the foreshore as it’s a great and thrilling site to see these thunderbirds of the sea thrash their way forward at super speeds it’s a really thrilling weekend pastime.


photo by leightonian

Another event not to be missed is the Bestival happening on the 11th to the 13th of  September, 2009. Set up in the leafy surrounds of Robin Hill Countryside Adventure Park you can and will have a crazy and wild time. The Bestival is a 3-day boutique music festival supported by Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank. It is a multi award-winning event  producing fun and quirky pastimes for all its visitors and guests. On top of which you will discover the many and varied kinds of music genre, plus many attractions, bars, cocktails, circus and acrobatics performances, all wait to entertain and captivate you. This year’s line-up includes Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2manydjs and Bat for Lashes. Lest not forget the wonderful dressing-up theme as this is always widely embraced (this year the theme is Space, the final frontier!). Further attractions include the Come Dancing Spiegeltent and the Bollywood Bar so be there or be square!. The Bestival is one of the best ways to enjoy your life and give back great energy for the soul!

Next for your notebook is the International Charity Classic Car Extravaganza to be held on the 19th  and 20th  of September in Newport and Ryde. This is the its eighth year of operation and is an extremely popular event,  featuring all types of cars, from vintage and veteran to customized and retro, plus motorbikes and specialist military and commercial vehicles. In total, over 600 cars and other vehicles are expected to feature, including a large contingent of Minis (in celebration of the model’s 50th anniversary) and a number of Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts. The event starts at Newport Quay on Saturday and moves to Ryde Esplanade on Sunday. Make sure to take your camera with you as it’s a fabulous time for posing with the car of your dreams. We wish you a great time and lots of happy memories and pictures.


The Isle of Wight Music Festival

The Isle of Wight Music Festival will again this year be ready an waiting to welcome its many thousands of visitors to its established venue of Seaclose Park, Newport (Isle of Wight) from the 12th to the 14th June, 2009. The Festival opens at 12 noon with the first live music band, so be sure to arrive in plenty of time if you want to hear the great opening bands.

The Isle of Wight Music Festival has a rich and interesting history. The very first event was organised way back in the distant 1968 era, and now this great event has found its second wind and has been taking place annually for some years now after being dormant for some 30 odd years plus. Back in the early festival years, the time was so different; it attracted an immense amount of famous bands which in turn attracted to the event hundreds of thousands of people.Much of the organisation was non excitant and thus people did what they liked to a certain degree.

Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Intro

This led to a great many problems and eventually legislation was drawn up so that some sort of organisational structure would be needed to oversee and control the event if it was ever going to be allowed again. Many people had thought that we would never see anything like the 1970’s festivals ever again, but I am glad to say the festivals of recent years have been just as good and superbly organised.

The early festivals had many notable and famous artists who performed on the arena including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones as well as The Who. Later festivals have seen some real rockers as well such as The Police, Rolling Stones  Amy Winehouse etc…Having the Rolling Stones perform was just an amazing evening, although late on stage the place rocked its socks off.

One of the amazing things is that the festival is very cross sectional bringing people and artists together over from many different walks of life. It attracts every year the old devoted public and the new connoisseurs of art.
Around the festival it self is a multitude of convenient features to assist the attending visitor. There is a large campsite is at your disposal and is ready with all requirements. There are also enough parking spaces for those who arrive by car.

How do you get from the Campsite to the Main Arena? Just walk the paths via Strawberry Fields and discover all the necessary things you need on your way. The Campsite offers a quiet area for those wishing just a nice and peaceful sleep. Toilets and Showers are all available as well as many food and drink vendors all supporting and keeping everyone going during the weekend. Please, be careful with your things and do not leave valuables in your tent. You will also find plenty of bars and other entertainment where you can have a super afternoon or evening time with non-alcohol or alcohol drink.

Do not worry too much about getting home, as after the Festival you can travel by the bus to the ferry. If you want or need to find a suitable accommodation away from the campsite for your visit to the Festival, you can do it right here.
This festival is going to be as usual a super time for all, with live musical life, stirring a lot of positive emotions and energy for people. Have fun be safe and enjoy!

The Prodigy Breathe @ Isle Of Wight Festival


The Old Gaffers Festival 2009 – Celebrating its 50th Year of Racing – 29th to the 31st May

The now well established nationally recognised annual Old Gaffers festival will again be running this year from the 29th May to the 31st May. The first year that races were ran was way back in 1959, so this year we are celebrating 50 years of racing Gaffers on the Solent.

As usual this will not only be a super weekend of sailing nostalgia but a great place to bring the family for all the additional things happening in and around the Yarmouth area over the three days.

The old gaffers themselves will be on display on the water either racing or just looking good. They travel from all over the country to participate in this annual event. Some of the vessels there will be over 80 years old and one this year actually makes it to her 100th and is still going strong.

gaff_rigSo what is a “Gaff Rig” a good description of this is where a sailing rig or configuration of sails in which the sail itself is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff. This gaff enables a fore and aft sail to be four sided, rather than triangular, and this as much as doubles the sail area that can be carried by that mast and boom (if a boom is used in the particular rig).  Many small craft over the years have deployed this style of rigging as with the doubling of the sail area the speed of the craft and its capability of manoeuvring in restricted waters are greatly enhanced.

Now that we have explained the technical aspects of why they are called “Gaff” we can move on and suggest to all to look out for the many different styles deployed within the visiting vessels. You can spend hours examining thinking about how these little boats were used all over the UK water ways to deliver the everyday necessities of a booming industrial society during the 18th and 19th Centuries.

This year’s festival will have over 100 vessels afloat as well as many things to do ashore such as Live Concerts, Classic Vehicle Displays, Craft Fair and Market, as well as Flower Festival and many places to eat and drink and while away the weekend.

It is expected that thousands of visitors will be attending so please remember to come early and see the opening ceremony being performed by Geoff Holt, he is the fastest disabled person to sail around the Isle of Wight in 2007, and BBC’s sports personality of the year 2007.

So make a note 12 noon on Friday 29th May for the start of a great weekend of fun at the 2009 Old Gaffers Festival, Yarmouth Harbour Isle of Wight.