Join All The Wondrous Goings of Bestival

You may have heard of the Bestival, one of the biggest lifestyle music festivals in the country, lasting three days in late summer on the Isle of Wight. To truly appreciate everything that makes up this magnificent spectacle you have to experience it for yourself. Great care has gone in to the details that give Bestival such a festive and friendly atmosphere; thousands of flags and ribbons of many colours fill the air, entertainers in fancy dress wander through the crowds amusing children and adults alike, festival-goers gasp at the bravery and skill of trapeze artists leaping overhead.

Children will be kept busy for hours by the fairy castles, merry-go-rounds, interactive puppet shows and much more. Older children may enjoy the many arts and crafts shows where master craftsmen share their secrets with everybody who is keen to learn a new skill, such as knitting. There really is something for everybody at the festival. Good food and drink is sold all over the festival so you can relax on the lush green grass and have a picnic.

You can leave your tent at home because you will not need it. Here at the festival you will not spend time lugging camping gear around, leaving you free to go and have fun. Tangerine Fields proudly present fully equipped tents for your use; they are ready-pitched, cosy and available in various sizes. You just have to hire them. However it is always advisable to book, reserving tents for your entire party, so you can be sure you’re all camped together in the same spot. The same should be done if you choose to stay at one of the Isle of Wight’s hotels. It is worth spending the time thinking about your accommodation in advance as this is the time of year when thousands of music fans and holidaymakers from all over the country flock to the Island.

Spending three days under the bluest sky surrounded by your favourite music is a fantastic experience, where you can join many others merrily dancing, clapping, and singing along to the lovely tunes of the day. It is one of those rare moments when all your favourite acts are so close to you allowing you to admire the live gigs given by the most popular musicians, singers and artists of your country. And when the sun sets the fun continues well into the night. A rousing last night of the festival with an incredible fireworks display, booming music coming from the various stages and thousands of music fans making the most of the vibrant atmosphere is the perfect end to a spectacular event.

Isle of Wight Bestival Photos

Photos by encosion and Darran Gange

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