Bestival 2009 is Here!

Hello, my dear people and visitors of the beautiful Isle of Wight. We are glad to welcome you once again to one of the most exciting calendar events of the IOW. The Bestival is greeting you! I would like to provide you with a super short review of the things you must know about and can do when visiting the Bestival.

The Bestival is held from 11th to 13th of September, 2009.
What is this Bestival anyway? It is a 3-day boutique music festival celebrated in a very picturesque and wonderful Island setting. This so called a natural Garden or Eden Robin Hill is the perfect place where this event can be held. A green and flourishing park situated in the heart of the Isle of Wight (in between Newport and Ryde) and again this year it is glad to open its doors to one and all. How did it start? The Bestival was born out of Rob da Bank’s visionary ideas. He is a famous British disk jockey and still active to this day as a DJ and Radio 1 presenter. The Bestival brings a lot of positive impressions, emotions and fun things for “joe public” to see and do. What is the mission the Bestival? I think that the main mission or reason for the Bestival is to bring music culture of all genres and styles to the wide public. A great spread of music is performed during three days in open air! I guess that you would call it a really great episode for civilization and art. The Bestival is a realised dream that come true due to the efforts of Rob da Bank, his wife- Josie da Bank and co- partners of John and Ziggy.

In my humble opinion, the Bestival is an ideal vision of how modern festivals should look; it is a bright and shining example of tolerance and vitality.  This represents and demonstrates the real magic of music with an orgy of colours which for a few days in September spread themselves over the shores of the Solent.

A little bit of history…The very first Bestival was held in September, 2004. And it was a successful start to a long held vision. Meanwhile the years have passed and each Bestival in turn has left a unique an exceptional track in people’s memories. Since the beginning a tremendous amount of local and well established artists, singers, bands and performers have entertained their capricious public with their music. This year the stage presents the likes of Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Soulwax, 2 manydjs and Bat for Lashes.
If you feel like fresh air and adrenalin you enjoy camping then pack up your tepee roll up your sleeping bag and come along.  It is a fun pastime for teenagers and young people alike and I have even seen people of older persuasion enjoying them! However, if you like comfort, you can easily search for a suitable accommodation on the Isle of Wight, near Newport, Ryde or Cowes. The Bestival is a very kid-friendly, so children are very welcome and well catered for as there are many interesting things for them to do. They will love it, you will love it as it is just a great experience and fun thing to do over a late summer weekend in September.

Bestival Fire Works
The Bestival is massive musical event and is one for the record books you cant really imagine the experience, you have to be there!
Over the years it has gained many the UK Festival Awards. It is a storming adventure for your brain, and a flight of fancy for your soul. Discover yourself! Why not dress up for the fancy dress ball, be crazy live life and enjoy the wonders of the Bestival.

photos source: Flickr

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