Bestival is a Superb Place to Feel Your Spirit

The Bestival is one of the greatest events in the musical calendar. This Bestival provides people with the three-day fun filled package of joy and a storm of emotions.


Incredible experience and exclusive tornado party are guaranteed.

This year the festival is to be found at its normal venue of Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight from the 11th to the 13th September. Initially the event was organised by BBC radio in late summer of 2004 with the aim to bring good and qualitative live music to a wide public canvas, 2009 is the sixth edition of this annual festival.

The Bestival is famous for its masquerade or fancy dresses presentations. It is a chance to feel totally free and let yourself go wearing whatever you wish,  to pull out various traditional and non-traditional ideas, to use your inspiration, to liberate your imagination and spirit in order to get a achieve satisfaction. It has a non-formal feel and innovative way of communication and uniting people of different styles of living and thus a whole state of triumph of existence is explored! In the objects of the Bestival you can look and feel like you are a human being of the great world society, without objection from others and at peace with oneself. It is a very special format and you can experience only during this Bestival session if you take part. That is why the other name for this festival is the boutique music festival.

2009 party goers will have to enjoy Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Elbow and the many others. There will be plenty of artists entertaining the most capricious and demanding public.

Regarding your stay during the festival, there is a campsite and all the necessary facilities at your disposal. So you will have pleasure eating and drinking as well as for the greater long term comfort showers and toilets are provided. There is plenty spaces for car parking etc.


So just relax and let it flow, and with the help of the odd alcoholic drinks you will fly in the sky…

We can be sure that your weekend will be full of excitement and pleasure. So you be sure to make time for the Bestival as it’s high time for adrenalin and stimulation!! Have fun and enjoy lovely Bestival on the Isle of Wight! We are sure you will take home some very exciting moments for your memory as well as great photos to remind you about a weekend in the years to come.

Madness ‘House Of Fun’ Bestival Isle of Wight 2007

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