Isle of Wight

There are very few lovely, quiet and tranquil places in Europe. One such place can be found across a small stretch of water to the south of the England called the Solent, after taking a 20 minute boat ride you will arrive at the tranquil destination. The Isle of Wight plunges you into a mystery of surrounding natural beauty. The extraordinary flora and fauna provides you with such a magnetic environment where you can feel your spirit and free your mind from the everyday hustle and bustle. The island has many places of interest to visit and contemplate. The islanders are very proud of the island’s rich history. Every place and every stone  seems to remember its past whether it is a glorious memorial or just a simple stepping stone. Queen Victoria for example had her summer residence at Osborne, giving the Island a special Royal significance and many interesting anecdotes.

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Titanic Telegram

Arthur Claude Orchard or “Curly”, as he was affectingly known set out on foot as usual on this cold morning of the 17th April 1912 towards Bembridge. The Marconi telegram he was carrying was sealed and thus he had no understanding that the momentous contents would enlighten the family of the managing director of the Wight Star Line of the disaster that had beheld the Titanic and the fact that their son Bruce Ismay was alive and a survivor.

Ismay the writer of the telegram – who was later dubbed the Coward of the Titanic – had to be treated with opiates to help him cope with the shock of the sinking.
Ismay was the managing director of White Star Line and he was depicted in the 1997 Kate Winslett movie Titanic encouraging the liner’s captain to go faster.

He later told the official enquiry into the disaster that he had to turn and look away in the lifeboat at the moment the Titanic sunk at 2.20am on April 15.
On the 17th April 2012, Nigel Bennett will be re-enacting his grandfather’s walk from the Marconi Radio Station (Culver Haven) at the top of Culver Down, Brading to that of Graylands, being the home of the Ismay family in Bembridge on the 17th April 1912.

Nigel’s mother remembers her telling him that there was great consternation as ‘Curly’ waited for a reply. The exact telegram delivered has been lost, however only recently has a very similar one as seen below, been auctioned for several thousand pounds in New York.

Interesting further reading

Oct 2010: a very interesting account of the last minutes prior to the Titanic hitting the iceberg has recently been published by Lady Louise Patten , the truth about the sinking.

Telegraph Article – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/booknews/8016751/The-truth-about-the-sinking-of-the-Titanic.html

Island Eye Page & Video – http://www.islandeye.co.uk/history/shipwrecks/titanic-telegrams.html


Life And Times Of Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle is probably one of the most popular thus frequently visited places in the Isle of Wight. Due to its history, architecture and touching events the castle is undoubtedly worthy a visit. Towering above the local landscape the buildings ramparted about by permanent defensive works give you a vivid picture of the past architecture and way of living. You will be amazed by the long steep steps and high fortification of the fortress. The panorama which opens in front of you holds you with a firm grip due to its scope and beauty.
Carisbrooke Castlephoto source: Wikipedia

Since about 1100 the construction of the fortress, later castle, has a long history as well. Some parts of it were rebuilt and completed, modified and perfected, reestablished and fortified. Thus we have now a magnificent example of a huge historical monument to make people become excited and more interested in the history. It sounds weird but yet it’s true that the castle for some royal people who wielded the scepter was a summer home for other dethroned the castle was dramatic and became a prison.

Every master of the place contributed his or her mite to the castle. Even the beautiful garden which is undoubtedly is an embellishment was designed by Chris Beardshaw who was inspired by the Princess Beatrice. She was the ninth daughter of Queen Victoria, they both lived their. The designer of the garden was absolutely right saying that it would tack on an extra dimension to the medieval castle. So it did. Private chamber of royal residents were turned into museum and include plenty of memorabilia. You visit see their bedroom and get surprised by how short the nuptial bed is. Probably it can be explained by relatively short people lived that time.

The room where Elizabeth lived as a hostage and later died from pneumonia when she was a young lady is an interesting place to visit. A famous painting reflecting the moment when the lifeless body of the girl was found is very pathetic. Besides the museum and the garden there is a well-house in the castle which was the main supplier of water for all the tenants of the fortress. This construction has a deep well and a huge tread wheel inside. Donkeys have drawn up water for hundreds of years in order to supply all the dwellers of Carisbrooke Castle. And now tourists still have a great possibility to see this breathtaking process with their own eyes.


Self Storage Isle of Wight

Many thriving business people find it very important to have a secure and dry place where they can keep and store their business property or products that are not sold or in use at that exact moment. No matter what you promote or sell you have to be sure that the place where the goods are stored provides the necessary conditions. Following the manufacturer instructions and your own common sense about keeping these conditions you can save your money and often your reputation. But as you well know, not doing it properly will end up with a bad reputation that can often lead directly to business failure.

What should be taken into consideration?

A clean, dry and safe place to store can be regarded as 50 % of your success. Nobody wants to buy damaged products even if they are supposed to be of high quality. Dirty storage conditions can spoil the marketable state of the goods at the best of time. At the worst, if this dirt is somehow provoked with humidity the stored articles can be seriously damaged.  Dampness can have a dramatic effect on the items. The goods can start smelling, lose elasticity and even change their colour. All this can damage tremendously the worth of the goods. However, when dealing with food or medical products it can lead to someone’s death. Thus, one needs to be very watchful choosing the right place where to store the property. It is also important to examine and avoid windows as most products will suffer discoloration if left in direct path of the sun’s rays. So this type of storage is undesirable, especially when there is a need to be careful storing inflammable aerosols, food and medicines. Appropriate temperature and ventilation are paramount as well.

Safety is another aspect you have to pay attention to when looking for Self Storage Isle of Wight facilities. Feeling that you are the only key holder gives you confidence in the future and assurance of success. You are the only one who can open the door of the storage room where your property is waiting in the safety. Isn’t it just wonderful when a secure storage facility with unlimited access is extremely handy and in situation that is ready and open for you 7 days a week?

Household purposes and more

A good local storage position can indeed be ideal if you are moving to a new house or business or just need some room to do some improvements. A place where you can keep your things safe until everything is ready and they are needed again. Such facilities can also be used by collectors who are fond of such big items as antique furniture or motorbikes. On the Isle of Wight you have some very good and reputable companies that will supply you with the needed service as for example Self Storage Ryde.


Isle of Wight Common Mistakes of Property Running

Do you want to buy a piece of property? By avoiding some frequently made mistakes you can become experienced without being stuck with a property that could well turn out to be a money pit.

What must be done?

Be careful with any documentation included in the listing while purchasing any property because it is essential to have detailed information about the structure, particularly if damage has or is occurring. Do not think that you can easily identify the state of the building from the first look. Sometimes the new owners only realise what they have bought after the event as the latent defects of the property begin to reveal themselves. In this case to your deep regret it will be too late to do anything about it. You have also to be very attentive and careful while looking through the documents to be able to obtain future insurance. This can affect whether the lending companies will approve the acquisition of the property. Thus when the owner is going to sell his or her property there is often some information that must be reported to the buyer under disclosure.

Aspects to examine and pay attention to

If the chosen property impressed you much you had better see how the land lies before you make the concluding agreement to purchase it. On closer inspection you can see things in far greater detail and coverage. First of all pay attention to such key elements as the roof, electric wiring, the plumbing and the foundations. You have to make sure that they are all working appropriately and free of major issues. Areas around the selected property are also of great importance- roads and accessibility, houses and commercials, parks and scenery etc. Everything is to be inspected and taken into consideration. Also if you don not like something about the house and have a plan to change or improve, it is better to estimate the rough costs for those improvements and repairs that you are planning to do. This will allow you to then see if the overall property costs fit the budgeted situation.

There is always a chance to beat down the price, by accentuating and pointing out all drawbacks of the property. Do not worry if you personally do not have the time or expertise as Isle of Wight lettings or Isle of Wight estate agents can assist you in purchasing any property you choose.


The Basic Principle Of Isle of Wight Real Estate Administration

Property management is again a discipline that effectively applies such principles that are well spread in commercial, residential or even industrial real estate. The basic and fundamental principle is in the relationship between the landlords and tenants. An estate agent can act as the owner if there is an agreement between them and the real landlord, thus entrusting them to handle all the duties of the property owner. It can include maintenance of the property, rent collection, tenant complaints duties and all legal obligations.

It can be a varied and expansive portfolio

If one client owns a great number of property assets; in this case several property managers may work exclusively for this single client managing his or her combination of properties. For example, if you are an owner of a cottage, several apartments, a restaurant and a water park you can entrust all these properties to be maintained by a property managing company while you are away.

Arrange a contract in which you will specify all the details, duties, obligations and fees together with the company that is going to operate the business, take care and handle your property assets. This commercial lease must be scrupulously and thoroughly defined and established. It will certainly fall outside of a normal and usual arrangement and involves plenty of individual and particular tasks and obligations.

Even an ordinary contract between an owner who leases an apartment and the tenant who is going to live there can involve some extra additions to it such as security, delivery or cleaning. However in this case an extra additional fee may occur.

Such property management establishments are very important for owners as well as for tenants. Both of the sides will be guarded against any unwanted circumstances that might be caused by each other. The clear expectations bring trouble-free atmosphere causing no problems or difficulties to either side. On the contrary tenants have the assurances to use their accommodation or premises as long as it is determined, in an accepted condition. Tenants will not be afraid of facing unexpected interference from the owner or other tenants. Meanwhile landlords can be assured that the established costs are controlled and the profit from their business will be maximized. Clear framework of management will encourage both sides to obey property laws.

There are many responsible and reputable Isle of Wight estate agents or Isle of Wight lettings you can fully entrust with your property.


Isle of Wight Property Management

If you are a possessor of property on the Isle of Wight you should be aware of some special companies that are ready to manage all the residential situations while you are too busy or away. This Residential Property service includes the management of separate properties in any neighborhood as well as apartment complexes. The associations who are responsible for this type of management are very well organized thus it makes your life more trouble-free and unproblematic. One of the main contributions of the management company is that it is responsible to attend all board meetings in order to make recommendations; the company provide bids and assist to analyze those bids that have been submitted. Another important service of such companies is that they can contract out. This means that they can employ other workers or even companies to do some special and needed work as required. For example cleaning your swimming pool or doing some work in your garden such as cutting off the top and branches of the trees to encourage new growth at the top. They can also manage building and improvement works if it’s needed.


When leaving your property on the island for a long period of time especially in the summer can often turn a handsome rentable profit if so desired. The management company can be responsible to handle all the rental money as well as the whole procedure and do all the necessary things. Isle of Wight lettings or Isle of Wight estate agents have a great variety of very convenient services. Such agencies organise all of the paper work and can even have a suggestion box, so owners and clients alike can voice their concerns and issues about their property.

What else do they do?

Enforcing the rules that have been confirmed by the association and board is another operation of the management company. All types of infractions such as fines, late fees are documented and properly sent out. However in spite of this all the process can be really overwhelming and complicated by the proper personnel’s absence if it not well organized.

Finally, such things as a security service or an emergency service can be assigned to the neighborhood and all this can be directed and provided for by the management company. A guard or local security firm can be deployed into the community to make the neighborhood more secure. Choose Isle of Wight estate agents!


Visit The Area of Sandown

Going to the Isle of Wight is always a pleasure thanks to all the amenities that are abounding making your stay there an unforgettable pastime. However the biggest attraction of the Island which delights everybody’s eye is its notable nature. Due to its geographical position the Isle has a milder sub-climate, thus the combination of entertainments, sea, nature and climate makes the island a perfect all year round holiday destination for any UK resident.

A glance at the bay at sunset will leave you breathless

If you prefer or dream of spending the largest part of your free summer time next to water you will not be disappointed as the sky and horizon of Sandown Bay is so deep and charming that you will appreciate its one of the most fantastic vacation spots in the world. The panoramic views of the bay look both extremely inviting on a sunny calm day and mysteriously alluring during stormy weather. If you visited it once, you will have no hesitation in recommending this fabulous spot to your friends and relatives.

A seaside town with many typical Victorian building is also of great historical interest.  Its cleanness of streets and roads, well-groomed beds and trees give comfort to the visitors and highlights the amenities of this southern resort. It’s no wonder why people, especially the mature generation; flock to the area of Sandown, the place will become very crowded in the summer months as the summer party continues.

If the sun is not out you can enjoy delightful woodland walk or vacate to a lot of different places such as pubs, cafeterias, restaurants, shops and other attractions as they are always at your service. Those who are very active and don’t want to lose a minute of their long-awaited vacations can enjoy themselves playing tennis, golf or bowling, or even have a good swim in the stormiest weather at the Heights Health Leisure because it offers swimming indoors. But when the sky is clear and blue and Sandown’s sun shines brightly ordinary holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts can busy themselves with water sports activities in the bay.

Where to stay?

As for accommodation the area of Sandown can provide its visitors with excellent Isle of Wight hotels. You can put up at any type of accommodation be it sophisticated hotel or self-catering. However establishments such as villas, hotels, apartments or even thatched cottages are available and are all comfortable clean and nicely decorated. What can greatly surprise you is the reasonable prices of this very available accommodation. However if your decision on visiting the Isle of Wight is a planned step rather than a spontaneous action it is always recommended to check it out in good time and book a room on line or make a call. Following this suggestion, especially if you are going to go to the island during the most popular time of year, you can kill two birds with one stone: save some money and be sure you will have accommodation you want. Be fully confident your stay at Sandown will be a super one!


The Isle of Wight Theme Parks

No matter if you are a grownup, teenager or a child you need a rest from that what you have been doing all the entire year. And this period that is intended to be your vacation is usually in summer. So everybody wants to spend it the right way. Evening drinks, picnics, cycling, hanging about all these activities lack new experiences and adventures.  You can be bored of these ordinary entertainments or at least you will have just another vacation and nothing special. So do not waste your precious free time idling, struggle to find something new to see and to do.

Your kids will be beside themselves with delight

During long vacations children usually get sick and tired of their current activities such as playing computer games, running or cycling around the park on their bikes. It won’t take them long to be also fed up with all those children programs on TV. So there is only one way to prevent them from being bored and unoccupied. Let us have a look at a few popular theme park attractions on the IOW because it is they that are going to keep your kids entertained and out of trouble during all day through.

The first park in the list is in the area of Sandown and it is Dinosaur Isle. What can be more exciting and fascinate than looking at hard remains of prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs. The fossils really date back to those times when those enormously huge reptiles of the Mesozoic era walked on our planet and to be more exact they once ruled the Isle of Wight. During 120 million years various skeletons and fossils have been waiting for their hour of triumph to present them and attract all eyes. This walk through time is very educational and not scary at all.

Robin Hill Country Park Adventure is another perfect place to spend time with your children. Thanks to plenty of children’s play areas your little ones can run around having a lot of fun. Moreover this lovely area offers something for all ages. That means that the parents can entertain themselves as well while the children are busy.
For those who are interested in everything related to marine can visit Fort Victoria in Yarmouth. The Marine Aquarium is designed mainly to show local marine life. All the exponents are found in the waters or on the local seashores.

The Isle of Wight is a small island, however, to my great surprise it has plenty things to experience. Moreover the island is full to the brim with different kinds of attractions to match every age group. That is why entire families with their full complement flock to the IOW longing to have something new, amusing and affordable. Yes, this wonderful place with its Isle of Wight hotels, motels, inns and another sites providing accommodation is an appropriate holiday area for everybody. It means that you can easily find an inexpensive or reasonably priced place to stay on the island.


Join All The Wondrous Goings of Bestival

You may have heard of the Bestival, one of the biggest lifestyle music festivals in the country, lasting three days in late summer on the Isle of Wight. To truly appreciate everything that makes up this magnificent spectacle you have to experience it for yourself. Great care has gone in to the details that give Bestival such a festive and friendly atmosphere; thousands of flags and ribbons of many colours fill the air, entertainers in fancy dress wander through the crowds amusing children and adults alike, festival-goers gasp at the bravery and skill of trapeze artists leaping overhead.

Children will be kept busy for hours by the fairy castles, merry-go-rounds, interactive puppet shows and much more. Older children may enjoy the many arts and crafts shows where master craftsmen share their secrets with everybody who is keen to learn a new skill, such as knitting. There really is something for everybody at the festival. Good food and drink is sold all over the festival so you can relax on the lush green grass and have a picnic.

You can leave your tent at home because you will not need it. Here at the festival you will not spend time lugging camping gear around, leaving you free to go and have fun. Tangerine Fields proudly present fully equipped tents for your use; they are ready-pitched, cosy and available in various sizes. You just have to hire them. However it is always advisable to book, reserving tents for your entire party, so you can be sure you’re all camped together in the same spot. The same should be done if you choose to stay at one of the Isle of Wight’s hotels. It is worth spending the time thinking about your accommodation in advance as this is the time of year when thousands of music fans and holidaymakers from all over the country flock to the Island.

Spending three days under the bluest sky surrounded by your favourite music is a fantastic experience, where you can join many others merrily dancing, clapping, and singing along to the lovely tunes of the day. It is one of those rare moments when all your favourite acts are so close to you allowing you to admire the live gigs given by the most popular musicians, singers and artists of your country. And when the sun sets the fun continues well into the night. A rousing last night of the festival with an incredible fireworks display, booming music coming from the various stages and thousands of music fans making the most of the vibrant atmosphere is the perfect end to a spectacular event.

Isle of Wight Bestival Photos

Photos by encosion and Darran Gange


Bask in The Isle of Wight Sun, Sea and Sand

Are you sick and tired of the cloudy and gloomy skies of our cold winters? Well one can hardly expect to receive a negative response to this question, as obviously everybody enjoys sunny and warm weather far more than that of dismal rain. One of the places in the UK where you can find more sunshine than anywhere else is the Isle of Wight. One can say that there are people, who do not like it when it is too hot as if they were in a sub tropical climate. Thus a cooler but still warm and sunny disposition appeals to them far greater. Due to the island’s perfect middle ground climate we can see supported a mixture of plant life.  This makes the IOW a more interesting place due to the infinite variety of flora and fauna encompassing the island. On the south facing under cliff for example, you can also enjoy and take refreshments in some of these gorgeous gardens.

Travel in spring

As you can see you can pick the time of year that is going to be the most appropriate for you to visit the island. If you are not keen on hot sun you can visit the IOW in late spring. This period of time is very fresh and lovely here. Everything has already flowered and green, the scenery is considered to be the most beautiful in the British countryside. It is a nice time to go walking or hiking and the best area for doing this is the IOW. Hundreds of paths and the Isle of Wight walking festival are waiting for people who would like to take part in this kind of exercise for enjoyment. In addition the Isle of Wight hotels’ prices are relatively low this season. Also it is important to know that early booking helps you too.

The height of the season

If you are a holidaymaker who cannot imagine his or her vacation without lying on the beach basking in the sun the height of the season on the island will give you even more than you can take. This sunny holiday destination will offer you plenty to see and to do if you consider heading to the IOW especially when there isn’t a festival going on. However this period you have to be ready for higher hotel rates and a large number of holidaymakers who have come to get a big portion of sun and entertainment. Thus, if you want to visit the island during the height of the season it is important to know that early booking will help you to save some money and get a good place to stay. It is advisable to follow this suggestion especially if you are planning to attend a music festival on the island.

Children on the Isle of Wight

If you have kids you are sure to take them to the island. There are lots of attractions and play grounds that will keep your children busy. Museums, art galleries, monuments and especially theme parks are places which children will love to visit. Furthermore, the food is varied and tasty here. The public catering offers you and your children great food and drink at good prices. One visit to the Isle of Wight and they will want to come back again and again.